August 26, 2009

10 Days and Counting…

**Alternatively titled- Stuff we Love: WVU Football!!!!

In 10 days, it begins.

60,000 screaming, die hard West Virginia fans will converge on Mountaineer field to watch our boys whoop up on Liberty. No offense Liberty. But it’s true. We will fight the good fight and do battle with honor. And you can bet your cotton socks that if there are any injuries, we will surely bleed blue and gold.

Around here, the preparations have been made for months. We’ve begun stocking up on Stella & Rose’s Lime Juice for a long season ahead. The football shaped crock pot has been taken out of storage and the dust wiped away. New jerseys (Not as in NJ, but as in new…..jerseys) have been purchased and just two days ago we picked up a new blue & gold squeaky football for Cooper. Because he’s a die hard fan too.

Yes, football season is nearly upon us. It is a day Blue & Gold fans have been counting down to since….well…since the end of the last season. And there is no better time of year than when the Mountaineers are on the field. Can I get a “Hell Yea” from my Blue & Gold buddies???

So Let’s Bring on the Mountaineers!!!!!!

Here’s a lil’ shot of us from last year’s season opener:

And just to give you an idea of just exactly how serious all of this is, I decided to repost my entry from last year here too:

The smoke from the tunnel was still dancing around the field in small, quickly disappearing swirls of clouds. Just then the sun broke through the overcast sky, and sent yellow lines of light streaking through the haze to the ground below. Sitting in row 2 of section 102, I was surrounded by an ocean of gold 60,000 strong.

And I’ve never felt so big and yet so small in my whole life.

The crowd was roaring as kick off drew near. But I sat in silence. Staring up at the brand new score board of the Milan Puskar Stadium, I watched as the graphics heralded in a brand new era. A brand new era indeed.

Just nine months ago, we were a team betrayed. Left days before a bowl game with no coach, no time, and according to 84% of the country, no chance at rising up to a win over Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. But as the gentleman’s shirt next to me proudly proclaimed…

“84% Wrong.”

I watched the highlights from that bowl game with a rising pride in my chest and a lump in my throat. For that is the spirit of what it truly means to be a Mountaineer. And the further away I go from home in this life, the more important it is for me to be reminded of that. And often.

Of integrity. Of rising up. Of doing the hard work to get the job done. No matter who doubts you. No matter who says that you can’t.

I sat there in that stadium as the smoke danced toward the sun and stared out at an ocean of gold surrounding me. All of them. Standing there so full of hope, and so full of the promise that only a brand new season in a brand new era can offer. Just then the tears broke through behind my sunglasses and were sent streaking across the flying WV tattoo on my cheek below.

And I’ve never felt so big and yet so small.

Yea, there’s no doubt about it. It was a damn good day to be a Mountaineer.

  1. Spring

    Seriously Mary I don’t know if anyone has ever described it better. I don’t think there is a better place anywhere on this Earth than being at Milan Puskar Stadium, surrounded by the blue & gold; embracing the love of an incredible team. I never fail to tear up as the crowd stands and sings Country Roads, as you wrap an arm around a stranger and sing as the team is on the field. As much as I love and adore the mountain on which we were both raised, and as much as I find peace and happiness there (even still); the emotions I feel going to a home game are equally as intense. Here’s to our Mountaineers (both players & fans)…may we have one AWESOME season! And, as always, thanks for this post I am totally pumped for next Saturday!

  2. Rachel (of Rachel & Terry)

    LET’S GO . . . MOUNTAINEERS!!! Can’t decide which is more exciting, September 5th or September 26th this year?! :) Still can’t believe we walked on the sacred turf and have J&M pictures as proof!!!

  3. Samantha Harkins

    So exciting. It’s a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be. Go ‘Eers!!

  4. Dad M

    Saw the headline…was thinking of something else. Were you?

  5. Marissa Rodriguez

    HA! I’m totally not a big football person, but reading this, I felt SO pumped!!! "Hell Yea!!"

  6. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy………… ;)

  7. Dawn Beirnes

    we’re football freaks at our house….live in Tennessee, so go Titans. My grandson plays too, so go Smyrna Bulldogs! He’s 6 mind you, but he can "bring it", let me tell you!!

  8. Andi Walpurgis

    HELL YEA !!!!!!

  9. Christopher

    And I have a big smile on my face!

  10. Jeremy McKnight

    Hey Justin and Mary, I love your work but I don’t know if we can be friends since I graduated from Marshall University. I’m just joshing…

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