January 11, 2013

10 Lessons We Have Learned From The Road

10 Lessons we have learned from The Road!… so far! ;)

1. Showering while driving down the highway is kind of exciting! ;) How great to be able to do two things at once! However, knocking the shower head on the floor and dropping the shampoo bottles a thousand times become a part of your shower routine!
2. In Arizona, apparently it is a “law” that when buying alcohol every single person that you talk to while in the store must show their ID before you check out! We had to buy champagne for our stops and ALL seven of us had to show our ID before we could check out. People must roll hard in Phoenix.
3. Taking 8 people into Walmart at 12:30 a.m. to buy food for the road automatically sets off a “red flag” and you have a strong chance of being kicked out! ;)… (No, we never got kicked out, but we sure did talk to more Walmart employees that night than we ever have before! ;))
4. Child locks are kind of difficult to open… even if you are not a child. ;) There are child locks on the bus… not to keep children out, but to keep the refrigerator doors and drawers from flying open while driving! It has happened. ;) The best part about this, is that we all had to be taught how to open the child locks because none of us knew! ;)
5. Staring at your computer when there is no wifi service in the middle of Texas doesn’t magically create a wifi signal. ;) lol. Texas is very BIG! and in the area that we were driving through, there are probably more wind farms and oil rigs than there are people. Apparently wind farms and oil rigs don’t need wifi!
6. In Texas, the rest stop bathrooms don’t have toilet seats! Lol. Well, at least the reststop we went to didn’t! Weird, right?
7. When you get off the moving bus after being on it for 19 hours, you still feel like you are on a moving bus. Stumbling while walking and not being able to see straight is actually pretty common.
8. Sour Patch kids aren’t all the same flavor and they do have the ability to chip a tooth! ;) Ohhh, and Justin has this crazy talent of catching food in his mouth! ;) The rest of us are still working on that talent!
9. Time zones are CRAZY! And our electronic devices don’t even know what time it is! This morning we had 3 computers with 3 different times listed. Hopefully we make it to all of our stops on time. ;)
10. We have THE BEST bus driver. His name is Jay and he takes care of us better than we know how to take care of ourselves. For that, we are so grateful! ;)

If you would like to join us in Orlando, Charlotte, DC, NYC, Indianapolis, Nashville or Kansas City, you can grab your seat by going HERE. We would LOVE to have you along for the adventure!

  1. Alicia White

    Sour Patch kids can CHIP A TOOTH?? did you have them in the freezer? lol

  2. Sara D Harper

    Ahhh.. welcome to my world.. I’ve been living on a bus half of my year the last 4 years. And I love it.. most of the time. ( I also usually the only girl )

  3. Gina Meola

    TOO funny! Sending big fat kisses to everyone! Be safe!!

  4. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Love the behind the scenes stuff! I really want a tour bus now! That looks like so much fun!!

  5. Justine

    hahaha LOVE these! sounds like you all are having a GREAT time!

  6. Sarah


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