February 26, 2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Justin


We know we have a lot of new readers around here lately from the new brand launch, The Academy, contests we’ve been running, etc….so we thought, what better time to (re)introduce ourselves than now! So today, here are 10 things you may or may not know about Justin!

1. He drinks orange juice with his chocolate cake. I think it’s weird, but he says he likes the contrast and that therefore it’s WAY better than milk.

2. Lately he’s become quite the chef and is now regularly whipping up gourmet meals like bacon wrapped stuffed figs and pork tenderloin. I’m not complaining at all.

3. He is currently working on his “100 Project” where he has set out to photograph the 100 most influential people in his life.

4. He was a baseball player in high school and played in the outfield. His jersey number was 10.

5. His favorite number is actually 10 and he was born on October 10th (10-10 wins!)

6. He has recently become obsessed with Musselman’s chunky apple sauce and eats it from the jar. Kind of like Meet Joe Black with his peanut butter.

7. He’s originally from New Jersey….Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi…Justin Marantz! :)

8. He claims to have found the perfect wedding shoe for guys in these Cole Haan Zero Grand wing oxfords. They are dress shoe on the top, running shoe on the bottom and perfect for 12 hour days!

9. One of his favorite photos ever is of his grandpa when he first signed up to be a pilot in World War II. He loves the reminder that because his grandpa was good at what he did and was able to make it back safely….their whole family now exists.

10. He makes me coffee every morning…even though he can’t smell of it & never drinks it himself. Now that’s love!

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Justin a little better!

Happy Thursday! M:)

  1. David Abel

    I love the sound of his 100 project! I’m working on a project called The 500 project (500 photos with my Hasselblad 500). I’m very interested to see some of the photos from his project, could be a great series!

  2. Sarah Hoppes

    My husband just bought the tan and white zerogrand shoes on Justin’s recommendation. They look so good, and he says they feel just like sneakers!

  3. Jacinthe

    Wow ok, there were so many thoughts going through my mind as I was reading this! I’ll try to be quick though as I have emails to write and laundry to tend to… I think it’s weird too that he drinks orange juice with his chocolate cake, but my husband will drink orange juice with just about anything, so he would probably approve of Justin’s habit! As for his 100 Project… wow, that’s amazing. One hundred most influential people in his life?!? That’s huge! How can he even have 100 people to look up to? Anyways, I am impressed, and must ask: has he set a time limit to his project? I love the look of his favorite and “perfect” shoes for men, and boy do they look comfortable! What are your go-to shoes for shooting weddings Mary? I’m sure you must have shared that before but I missed it. And one last comment: awwwww over that coffee-making dedication! Yes, that’s love, true love. :) What does he drink in place of coffee though?

  4. Tiffany

    I love number 9!

  5. Rici

    Love the Meet Joe Black one. :) Have a great Weekend!

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