March 8, 2016

12 Lessons Learned from the Icon Conference

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Whew! The past 10 days have been such a whirlwind! We started off in Arizona for the Icon Conference that our amazing friend Melissa Jill invited us & a bunch of our friends to. And as if that wasn’t “mind-blowing & make you want to get back and work on your business right away” enough, from there we hopped in the car with The Kennedys (Matt & Carissa) to make one epic road trip (just WAIT til you see the video that’s coming from that!) to Las Vegas for our 9th WPPI Conference! I’m going to be sharing much more on WPPI soon, but for now I thought it would be fun to share The Top 12 Takeaways I got from Attending the Icon Conference 2016!! Here they are in no particular order  & you’ll notice the majority of them are from Dave Ramsey! :)

1. As entrepreneurs and the CEO’s of our company, we have to learn to create blank space in our calendars just to think & dream about and cast the vision for our businesses. So many people say they don’t have time for this, but that’s so backwards! The thinking & dreaming should be priority one if our businesses are going to keep moving forward, the busy work will always be there. Plus the thinking may end up saving us a bunch of time in the long run anyway! One of the speakers carves out a day (Thursday) every single week just to do this.

2. Take an “activity inventory” of your weeks. Figure out all the things that you do that don’t make you happy or give you that dread/”ick” feeling leading up to them, and find a way (on your thinking days) to stop doing them!

3. The kind of leaders who look others in the eye, really care about what happens in their lives and work…those are the leaders who are going to take off like crazy! – Dave Ramsey

4. Don’t treat your customers like they are only revenue units. CARE about people first. The market eventually chews up & spits out people who are only takers. -DR

5. You have to make a decision about who you’re going to be. People will hurt you & betray you in business… love them anyway. – Dave Ramsey

6. A conductor can’t make a sound without the orchestra, and a leader can’t make an impact without the good people she surrounds herself with.

7. Success isn’t about money or people knowing your name….success is about how many people around you leave with their eyes shining bright and standing a little taller simply for having spent time with you.

8. The best way to deal with negative competition? Don’t try to destroy them, simply outwork them. Act with integrity, tell the truth, smile. Overtime the market will naturally weed out the people who aren’t living like this anyway…you don’t have to be the one to do it. – DR

9. The best leaders don’t walk out the door & ask “who do I have to walk all over to get ahead?” Instead they surround themselves with good people and spend as much time with them as possible. Don’t just be WITH each other…be FOR each other!

10. We don’t inspire people by showing them how big WE are…we inspire them by showing them how big THEY are becoming!

11. Right now we’re in a time where everyone is SHOUTING with their marketing. In a loud, noisy room…the best brands whisper.

12. You can’t be “romantic” about your business….just because something was working in the past doesn’t mean that it always will. You have to be willing to try something before everyone else has.






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