September 7, 2015

Guest Blog from Jenna Kutcher on Going Full Time

Hey guys, Jenna Kutcher here! You’re probably wondering what I’m doing over here on Justin & Mary’s blog so first, let me tell you a little bit about me and why I’m so excited to be here! I’m a wedding photographer who lives in a tiny village (yes, village) in Wisconsin with 3,000 people and a lot of cows. I’m married to a super handsome (and amazing) guy, we have two little rescue pups, and we often have a foster pup running around the house! I am a huge believer in yoga pants, daily naps,and macaroni and cheese (the shaped kind, obviously!) On top of photographing beautiful weddings on the weekends, I run a watercolor print shop, I blog a few times a week, and I coach entrepreneurs into running profitable, authentic, and sustainable businesses! I am super fortunate to do the things I love to do day in and day out and I feel even more thankful that I get to do them from the comfort of my home (and most of the time, my bed.) But that wasn’t always the case. Four years ago I was in a corporate job in a windowless office.

I was tired, unfulfilled, and I usually cried on my way home from that same windowless office. It’s safe to say that deep down I knew it wasn’t the right fit but I had no idea what was next for me. I wish I could say that I quit my job FOR yoga pants (because my love runs really deep) but I did trade in my uniform for yoga pants and long days working from home. Here’s the truth: I thought that the corporate life was for me, I dreamt of power suits and high heels. (Now I dream of yoga pants and sports bras.) I studied marketing and communication in college and quickly secured a job at one of the nation’s leading retailers. In everyone else’s eyes I had “made it” but I secretly knew there was more.


If this sounds like you, I want you to listen up: follow your bliss. Seriously, listen to that gut of yours. It’s never too late to start pursuing your dream job, you need to design the life you want to live. Now, here’s what I’m not telling you:I’m not telling you to quit your job today to stay home in your yoga pants, but I am telling you to start dreaming a little harder. I believe in chasing your dreams, but doing it in a smart way. As someone who left her “dream job” to pursue a career she knew nothing about, here are a few of the steps I took to leave my corporate job for a life working from home (most days in bed.)

▪ Figure out what you are passionate about. (Hint: it should be something you can’t imagine not doing.) When you are passionate about something, you will do what it takes to be amazing at it. Find your passion and dive in head first. Learn, educate yourself, become an expert in your field, and refine your craft.

▪ Don’t make rash decisions. When I knew I wanted to leave my job, I first set myself up for success. I reached out to every connection I could, I advertised, built a brand and I booked enough clients to match my salary (25 weddings my first year to be exact) and I worked up until my wedding season started. I saved every penny I could and never, ever went into debt for my business.

▪ If you have a job, don’t think it is holding you back, use it to help fund your dreams! Before you quit, make sure you are legit. Take the time to register your business, make it legal, and get the word out. Marketing yourself in this phase is critical in gaining enough clientele to make the leap (and know the net will appear.) Having a job can help fund your endeavors when you are just starting out and ensure that you setting yourself up for a successful entrepreneurial future.


Four years ago, at the age of 23, I left that corporate office to be a full-time entrepreneur in an industry I was entirely self-taught in. My passion drove me to learn, grow, and refine my brand. I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I am doing today (and part of that is teaching you!) If you are stuck in a stuffy cubical, know that I was there. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard but something tells me you can do it! Start making waves, friends. Get out and make this one life you are living count.

The world needs more people who have come fully alive, it just so happens that I am fully alive in yoga pants! Tell me, what are your greatest gaps in chasing your dreams, what is holding you back?

I believe in you,

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