January 15, 2018

25 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers


Last week in our 18 Goals for Creatives in 2018 post, we talked about the importance of showing up consistently for your audience this year and how blogging is one great way to do that. But if you’re like most people we talk to, that can be easier said than done!

In fact, one of the number one things that comes up over & over again in our workshops and mentoring sessions when we talk about blogging, is that people would love to be more committed to their blogs….but when it comes time to write, they just have no idea what to write about. Well, we thought we’d help with that today by coming up with a list of 25 blog post ideas for photographers (and really, wedding creatives of all kinds!) Here we go!

1. Share Your Why. We all have a reason and a purpose that drives our passion. People love knowing where your heart for what you do comes from.

2. Talk About How You See Love. In the same way, each of us sees the world just a little differently because of our own stories & experiences. Share how you see love in the world because of how you’ve seen it in your own life, whether from your grandparents’ love story, your own marriage, or a favorite quote or book that has shaped what you think love should be.

3. Give Brides Advice. Chances are, you’ve seen more weddings than your bride has (even if you’re just starting out). So write posts that share some of those pearls of wisdom that you’ve learned along the way. Things that help the timeline, things for them to think about, things for them not to forget!

4. Write a Letter to Yourself When You Were Just Starting Out. Whether you’ve been doing this for years or only a six months, you’ve come a long way baby! :) And there are a lot of things you’ve already learned, fears that you’ve already found out weren’t really that scary, and crazy amazing successes that deserve a fist pump (bon jovi style) to the sky. Write the “day job, sitting at her cubicle” version of you a letter…and let her know what you wish you would have known on Day 1. Chances are, there are a lot of people sitting at their desks who need to hear it too.

5. Write a Letter to Your Future Self One Year From Now. Write out a letter and tell your “one year from now” self who you want to be by then. Set out some goals, some things you want to work on, boundaries you want to set in your business. Sketch out what you want to accomplish in the next year.

6. Make a List of Your Top 10 Mistakes. We are truly a success when we let our story and lessons learned the hard way make an easier path for someone else. Write out the Top 10 things you consider a mistake in your business and what you’ve learned from them.

7. Make a List of Your Top 10 Smart Decisions. Same idea as above, maybe more fun to write. :)

8. Share vignettes from your life. People love nothing more than to feel like they get a little window into your life by following along with your blog. Bring them along to that walk you had on a beach, that important conversation you had with a friend, that long talk you had in the car. Let people in to your life and they will always care more about your work.

9. Share the Things You Love. We have a whole section for this on our website, but we also love to do individual posts on the blog with new things we are loving lately. When people love what you love, that creates connection. And connection creates loyalty.

10. Be a Resource. Recommend your favorite gear, workflow time savers, apps, business books, and album companies. That will make you a resource that people feel grateful for!

11. Show Before & After Photos. I think it’s really easy for someone to look at a beautiful photo and assume that it was easy to take because it was so beautiful. But what’s really impressive is when you see the messy room that photo was taken in. Or the terrible light. Or the parking lot that shot really happened in. Do posts where you show people the conditions you were up against and what you did to get the resulting shot!

12. Have an Ongoing Series. We have our Marantz House Project series and our Life w/ J&M series. It’s such an awesome way to bring your audience along with you & it also checks off #2 & #8!

13. Do a Video Blog. Writing is an amazing, powerful tool! But very little can replace the connection that’s created when someone can actually see your face when you’re telling the story. When they can hear your voice and the quirky things you say. When it feels like you’re talking just to them.

14. Solve a Problem. Chances are, if you have something in your business or workflow that’s hanging you up, other people are probably having that problem too. Figure out a solution to it and then share that on your blog.

15. Write an FAQ Series for Photographers. This goes along with #12 & #14! Take those email questions you get or things that come up over lunch with other creatives and turn them into blog posts so that everyone can benefit. Pay attention to what people identify as things you do well & write posts about how you do it! If you want to find our entire series of photographer FAQ posts “The Pancake Sessions” you can do that by clicking HERE!

16. Write Lessons You Learned from Your Parents. People love to know where you came from and the things you stand for because of that. I write pretty regular posts about things I learned from my Dad/ growing up in WV in a trailer and they are always some of our most popular posts.

17. Share Your Travel Photos. We are SO lucky as photographers because when we go on an awesome vacation, we also have the luxury of coming back with awesome vacation photos! Allow people to virtually come along on those trips with you & see the world through your lens.

18. Write a 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me Post. Those little quirky things can be what connect people to us the most! The fact that I went to law school to become a wedding photographer, that Justin drinks orange juice with his chocolate cake, that our dog speaks with the voice of Morgan Freeman….these are the things that change us from just another business into real human beings behind the camera.

19. Write a “Don’t Quit” Post. Most business owners at one point or another find themselves overwhelmed, defeated, and where they feel like giving up. Give them a reason not to.

20. Write a Step by Step “How I Got the Shot” Post. We think of this as a  thought process or “plus one” kind of post. In other words, this is what I was getting, this is what I didn’t like, and this is- step by step- what I did to make it better. As an example, check out this “dealing with mixed light” post we did.

21. Show Yourself In Action. Whether it’s working away in your office/an office tour or behind the scenes shots of you shooting…people love to see what you look like in action!

22. Do a Demo Post. This works great as a video blog! Show how you cull in Photo Mechanic. Or edit in Lightroom. Show how you set up your one light set up. Show you pack your gear for travel.

23. Share a “Day in the Life Of” post. For one day, document your work & life from start to finish. Other small business owners will love to see how you balance your work & home life and what your systems and routines are. Potential clients will love to get an inside look at the person behind the business.

24. Write a Blog Swap Post with a Friend. They write a post for your blog, you write one for theirs. And you introduce each other to your audiences!

25. Do a “Challenge” Post. It could be a summer bucket list. Or a get booked challenge. Or a shoot with flash challenge. Or a blogging challenge. But do a post that gives your readers some things to go out & try. Like these 25 ideas for blog posts…. now get to it! :)

Happy Monday friends!

***PS: For even more resources on things like Lighting, Posing & Pricing from Justin & Mary, be sure to check out the J&M Store!!



  1. Sarah Houston

    Great ideas and I’m excited to use some of them for my blog!

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    Thank you so much Justin and Mary! What a great resource to have during those days of writer’s block!

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    Loooove this!! We might just have to bookmark this one for when WE’RE feeling stuck!! Such an awesome post! And thanks for the sweet shout out friend <3

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    Thank you so much for posting these are awesome! Definitely will use some of these

  5. Loren

    This list is INCREDIBLE!!!! Oh my goodness! Such amazing topics for the off season!!!!!!!

  6. Rici

    This most certainly brings a new wave of inspiration. Thank you Mary!!

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  10. Jodie

    Great advice! 25, I thought there must be lots of ‘fillers’ but they were all ‘killers’ Thanks :)

  11. Ling

    Love this, thank you so much for posting this info!

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    These are all wonderful talking points, thank you for taking the time to post them up!

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    Love these ideas! Thank you! Also, I’m excited to find out I’m not alone! I always drink orange juice with chocolate cake! I also eat orange juice with most sweets including chocolate chip cookies, haha.

  14. alisha bacon

    Thank you so much! Book marked for future reference!

  15. Erin Muller

    Great article! Thanks for sharing! I feel like there are two main potential audiences for photographers: future brides, and other photographers. I always get caught up on material like this because I figure that if I’m not trying to teach workshops or educate other photographers, I should focus on targeting my blogging and social media towards brides. So that kind of sucks because it would eliminate a lot of these topics. Just wrestling with this from a marketing perspective, but would love to hear your thoughts.

  16. Lercester Wedding Photographer

    Fantastic ideas, I’m so stuck with what to write down, now have some inspiration to keep me going, thank you

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  19. Kayla Illies

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I’ve been following along with you guys for like EVER so I see all the cute photos of your pups! Now every time I’m going to see a photo I’m going to visualize them speaking like Morgan Freeman! Hahahaha! Totally made my day! :D

  20. Justin Scharvona

    Brilliant ideas!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just started shooting weddings and blogging in the last few years. I will be 60 years young this year and would love to connect more with potential clients who are much younger than I. I will definitely use some of these! ~Jamey

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