December 4, 2014

30 Days to Support the Delight Girls!!

I first met the wonderful Kristin Wall a few years back at the Pursuit 31 Conference & I have since had the honor of watching her love & support everyone around her! From the people at the conference to her neighbors at home who were affected by a wildfire to young girls all over the country who are growing closer in their walk with God and the creative hearts they were called to be…Kristin just loves people! That’s why she helped start a ministry called Delight with the mission of mentoring, encouraging and ministering in a real, relevant, and personal way to young girls who are passionate about their faith and the creative arts.

I have been so blown away by their mission for this group (they are even building a home called the Delight House where they can host retreats for these girls) and for the community that has sprung up around it. All of the Delight girls we have had the honor of meeting have been the sweetest, most servant hearted people! We just love them!

And now they need our help! They have a goal of raising $10,000 to get their non-profit status and they are already MORE THAN HALFWAY there!! They are SOOO close!! So we are just asking that if this speaks to your heart & you want to help that you head on over HERE and make a small donation, even $10 would be amazing! I know these girls would appreciate it SO much! And so would we!! :)

To learn more about Delight, you can visit them at their website HERE
Follow them on Instagram: @delightandbe
Check out their blog
And watch the video


  1. Meredith Sledge

    Thank you for sharing!!!!! Eeeek!!! We’re so so thankful!

  2. Kristin Wall

    Thank you, Mary, for your love and support! I love you and your heart!!

  3. AnnaFilly

    MARY! GAH! You are simply wonderful! We love you and are SO thankful to do life with you! This journey through life is so much more fun with you in it! xo

  4. Elizabeth Lauren

    thank you SO much for sharing our story with your readers!! Means so much to us! Xo

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