May 18, 2009

A Bed of Stars

I stood on the lawn at the edge of the world and stared out into a blank canvas of darkness, as a warm blanket of cool evening breeze floated through the air . It rolled up from the water and sashayed through the palm trees, certain of itself that no one would mind its being there. It crissed and it crossed its way across the expanse of the sweeping lawn….then it would wrap all around me for just a second before running away. Tap me on the shoulder and then be gone again. Above me a million stars lay tucked away amid a patchwork quilt of cotton ball clouds. It was as if the entire world was breathing in.

I took a second…and I breathed it in too.

Behind me a soft glow was coming from the house and the sounds of the Digital Underground floated on the breeze. Inside that house was a couple that I love, soaking in every last minute of the most perfect day. A day that had been made just for them. Beside me Justin & Carlos talked f-stops and long exposures as they set up the night shot and painted with light.

I closed my eyes. And my heart was so full.

For three days we had been at work with back to back to back weddings. Making hotel reservations and catching flights and figuring out timelines. And now standing there at the end of the third day under a blanket of stars in Miami and wrapped in the warmth of the most perfect breeze…I finally started to realize that this is what it means for us to be at work. And a thousand pictures of a life less extraordinary flashed through my head. A life that could have been. A life that I came so close to. I opened my eyes and smiled up at the starry sky.

And my grateful heart overflowed out of my chest and sashayed down toward the palm trees, certain of itself that no one would mind its being there.

For those of you following along with us on twitter, you saw that Justin & I had the crown royale of wedding photography this weekend: the triple header!! We shot our first two in CT on Friday and Saturday, and then flew out Sunday morning for our third: a destination wedding in Miami, Fl. And for that one we had the phenomenal Carlos Baez along to shoot with us, which was a blast! We obviously have a TON to catch up on, but I’m going to try to get these up as fast as I can. Cause I can’t wait for you guys to see everything!

So for now, here’s a litte sneak peak of a shot I grabbed yesterday!

  1. julie g

    wow i am so inspired by your words! how beautifully you paint the picture so well through the way you described that moment! wow! Can’t wait to see the pics too! Happy blogging & monday too!

  2. The Apprentice ;)

    Being entrusted to capture the most special moments in a friend’s life is an awesome responsibility… and you far exceed expectations each and every time. BRAVO! Looks like I missed a HOTT one in Florida!!

  3. Ray

    "Above me a million stars lay tucked away amid a patchwork quilt of cotton ball clouds. It was as if the entire world was breathing in." << Absolutely beautiful words. And a very beautiful photo with the bride’s parasol. I can’t wait to see these three weddings. ^o^

  4. erin harvey

    What?? That shot is amazing!! Love the contrast in the lighting. Lots of rain down here in Florida lately… looks like it worked out well for you guys. =)

  5. Erin

    Stunning! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. Marissa Rodriguez

    Three weddings in one weekend!? Wow! That sounds crazy but so fun! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  7. Christa

    Yay! Can’t wait to see the rest

  8. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    This is so beautiful! Must have been a pretty amazing wedding to have you and Justin AND Carlos Baez! Wow!!

    Three weddings in one weekend… that is crazy! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Jackie Beale

    beautiful light, I love it! :)

  10. irena




  11. Glenda

    WOW, you guys are amazing!! Gorgeous picture!!

  12. Dawn B

    Wow. This is one gorgeous shot! Seriously, I can almost feel the breeze and the smell of the water. Just doesn’t get any better when you can "feel" the photo. I only hope that one day I can be half as talented as you guys.

  13. Greg Kanaan

    Incredible shot! The energy you guys have is amazing. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

  14. Erica Velasco


  15. Lisa H. Chang

    I SO can’t wait to see all the pictures of these weddings :)

  16. Katelyn

    Beautiful! It reminds me of David Jay’s shots from J* ‘s wedding!! :) can’t wait to see the rest!

  17. Rachel Darley

    What a dream…like an eternal-sunset-type dreamy picture! Gorgeous, Mary, absolutely, 100%, positively, without a doubt, gorgeous. ;o)

  18. Val McCormick

    That’s image is just so beautiful!

  19. Robert J. Trenske

    This is seriously a beautiful image, I really can’t wait to see more!!

  20. jeramy

    wow! outstanding!

  21. Amy Clifton

    I’m not sure which is more beautiful–your words or this image. Both are powerful and emotional–amazing work…as always!

  22. Gina Meola

    I want more!

  23. Feuza

    What is more beautiful- your words or this shot? Hard to answer because they compliment each other and are so intertwined that where one starts the other begins! AMAZING

  24. Chris Young

    Oh I love your writing. I can just lose myself as your writing feels so smooth, effortless and just takes the reader along with you. Love it!

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