May 26, 2011

A House Needs Air

A house breathes. Make no mistake about that.

In short order, it does many of the things that we mere mortals do. It laughs and loves. It stretches and sighs. It yawns and bats blinking eyes into peaceful sleep. It misses us when we are gone and it aches when neglected. But it is quick to offer forgiveness and soon enough return to love again.

But before all these, a house needs air.

It needs to throw open its windows and breathe in cool salt air. Or thick, sweet farm air. Or the sounds of the city below. It needs to inhale deeply, pulling in with it the very source of life itself. To respire in creation, and fill itself full of that which washes it clean. To feel the steady rise and fall of a sailcloth curtain, billowing in buoyancy. And to chase these currents down the hall.

AND, what you’ve all been waiting for…..I’m very happy to announce the winner of our Jose Villa book giveaway, Elizabeth Ann King!!! Congratulations Elizabeth! Just shoot us an email with your mailing addy and we’ll get you hooked up! And for all of you who didn’t win, I can’t recommend enough that you just go ahead and pull the trigger on buying this book. Honestly, when else are you going to find something for about $30 that will change your entire craft?? It’s your basic no-brainer. And once again a HUGE thank you goes out to the above & beyond generous man behind the book, Mr. Jose Villa!

  1. Nancy Mitchell

    CONGRATS TO EAK! What a great Birthday present!

  2. Kristin

    Congrats, Elizabeth!
    Agreed on the house stuff, Mary.

  3. Heather Corporan

    Congrats Elizabeth!! Beautiful post!

  4. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I was sad when it went from 50 degrees to 95 degrees in the same week here. I thought spring forgot us. But it’s returned, and with it, the joyfully open windows in Kansas! :)

  5. Asha Lea

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! I am buying the book today!

  6. Ciiku

    Love the "She sells" placard!!!!!

    I now want one!

  7. Deb Perry

    Pulled the trigger on Amazon as soon as I read your post, Mary. It arrived in one day, and it had to sit on my lovely reading chair by the window for a couple days. Then yesterday and this morning I indulged with my cup of coffee…and I fell in love with wedding photography even deeper (and I didn’t know it was possible). Thank you for bringing such attention to Jose’s book. I’ve loved his art for some time now, and your post was just the push I needed to buy it. ;) thanks Mary ;)

  8. Ray

    Your writing rocks! Enough said. ;o)

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