January 21, 2011

A Labor of Love

Early this morning I sat on the couch with a steaming mug of coffee in my hands and I watched it again. I watched as our wedding day unfolded before my eyes on the TV screen in front of me. I watched and the emotion bubbled up from somewhere deep within me and overflowed in streams of tears and peals of laughter. You see yesterday, we got a very special package in the mail. Mike and I had decided against hiring a videographer for our wedding, instead we asked my Aunt and Uncle to videotape the important parts for us. The vows, the first dance, maybe a snippet of guests on the carousel. Nothing crazy, just a couple tid bits for us to play back one day. Yesterday, it came. And it is more than we ever could have hoped for. They didn’t just capture the “important” parts, they shot THE WHOLE DAY and then edited it down to perfection.

At the time, we thought nothing of asking. They would be there anyway, it was no big deal right? Well, sitting on the other end of things. Knowing what I know now, well, I now know, it IS a big deal. It’s a HUGE deal. And I can’t thank them enough for it. The sheer amount of time they spent videoing was enough to earn them Aunt and Uncle of the Year, but the work they put in afterwords? I think it just about earns them the award for Aunt and Uncle of the Millennium. I must go out and find them a trophy, ASAP.

But most importantly, after I finished watching and soaking in the last lovely second of our perfect day, I got to thinking. Do I do enough for the ones I love? Would I be willing to do what they had done for me? How much of myself do I truly give to my friends and family? And the hard truth is, I don’t know. But I swear, on the Aunt and Uncle of the Millennium trophy, that I will try to do better in 2011. That I will try to think of the ones I love a little more and myself a little less. Because after watching that video, filled to the brim with images of our friends and family enveloping us with love and joy- I think I can do better. In 2011, I am going to do my best to envelope my friends and family with the unconditional love they shower on us so freely.

This is a heartfelt thank you. Thank you Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy. The video means more to us than words could ever say. We love you!!

So blog world, let’s make today about saying thank you to the ones we love. The ones who love us unconditionally. Who would win your friend or family member of the Millenium Trophy?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is full of friends, family, love and laughter!


  1. Jess

    What a beautiful surprise! I love that you take away a spirit to do the same…something I think everyone needs to be reminded of.

  2. Bobbie

    A beautifully written tribute toward a beautiful gesture of love. It’s a great reminder to give generously from the heart.

  3. Kathryn

    This is something that I most definitely need to work on myself. Thanks for the reminder, Julia. By giving a little of their time and talent, your aunt and uncle made your world fill to the brim with joy! That’s what our lives should be all about!

  4. maggieb

    LOVE – pass it on…in dvd’s, photographs, hand written letters…a touch , a smile, a hug…pass it on.

  5. Jess

    That is so Awesome! Great to have family!

  6. icesailr

    You have already done better in 2011 with this post! It’s a beautiful reminder of how to truly enjoy life, friends and family…..So since you said "let’s make today about saying thank you to the ones we love"…..Thank You Jules!

  7. Catherine

    Your post brought a tear to my eye, such a beautiful expression of gratitude. I know that your uncle will be touched too.

  8. maggieb

    It would be impossible to pick a single winner of your Millenium Trophy…and those who deserve it seldom even know it!

  9. Kare

    I am in the midst of the fight of my life and I have love coming at me in every direction. When all is said and done and I come out on the other side of my fight with breast cancer, I will have Thank You’s for so many people. I thank them now, and I’ll thank them later for the love, support, hugs, advice, and inspiration. Happy Friday, Julia – and happy Friday to Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy! How lucky for you to have them in your life!

  10. Jonni

    Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy sound like such wonderful people and how lucky that they are part of your family. :)


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