August 3, 2009

A Million Drops of Light

He took my hand, and we walked out of a long dark hallway and into a million drops of light. As I lifted my eyes toward heaven, my breath caught in my chest and my heart started to race a little. For just one second, time stood still. Motion and breathing and life all came together in one brief pause. It was ethereal. It was celestial. And in that moment, that one fleeting moment, the only thing that was moving was the light. It stirred and churned around us in an orbit yet unnamed. And as we stood alone in a room full of thousands, it was if those lights moved only for us. As though they had been tossed and scattered to the four corners of the wind for our benefit alone.

He took my hand as a million drops of light surrounded us…and all I could do was smile from the inside out.

You guys may remember a couple months back for my birthday, when I posted that Justin had gotten us tickets to go see the Taylor Swift/Keith Urban concert up in Boston as my present. Well after two looooooong months of waiting and crossing days off on the calendar, the day was finally upon us. So a couple of days ago, a limo pulled up at our house to take us up to the Garden arena. On the way there, we sipped champagne and ate goldfish crackers as we talked about life and celebrity gossip. When we got to the arena, we had seats so close to the stage that Keith Urban could’ve easily flung sweat on me….and I gotta be honest, I was pretty ok with that!! Hoping for it, even. It was the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to, and I have my most amazing husband to thank for it. Here is just some of the fun!!

**Justin has asked me to put up a disclaimer that these were just shot with our point and shoot camera, which is why the quality is not quite as good. I thought about rolling my eyes at him, but hey he did just pull off the world’s best birthday present ever so I guess he has this one coming!! :)

First up was Taylor who was AMAZING!! I had to keep reminding myself that she’s only like 20 years old. Crazy!!

This was when Taylor was getting the longest ovation in history. It just kept going and it was the COOLEST thing to see!!

Adventures in self-portraitdom.

Then Keith (do you like how we’re on a first name basis? We’re tight like that now!) came out and rocked it HARD!! He was INCREDIBLE!!

Keith went out and walked all around the whole arena for this one song. This was when he was passing right by us, and this woman reached down and pulled his hair so hard that I’m sure she went home with a handful of it. I felt so bad for him! I guess that’s one way to get a souvenir. But y’know…we just hit up the t-shirt stand.

At the very end of the concert, they launched confetti on the crowd and a million little pieces of paper rained down on us. It was Ahhhh-MA-Zing!!!

Good Times!!!

  1. Rene

    That’s a pretty neat point and shoot! Nice shots. LOVE Keith & Tay. Seen the both many of times. Mary, you ought to pick of LeAnn Rimes’ greatest hits; I think you’d love it!

  2. MM

    Sweet!! I’ll have to check it out!

  3. JC


    …I thought you were taking a reference to George Bush senior’s inauguaral speech about a thousand points of light to the next leve…glad to see this post was about something far less political!

  4. Katherine Bowman

    What a cool concert! I’m glad you had a great time! Keith Urban is so good!

  5. Bet

    Please let Justin know I rolled my eyes as I read about the point and shoot.

    The photos ROCK!! Seriously I’m not just saying that. They’re awesome. The self portrait is my number 1 fave. You guys are so adorable and you look so stinkin’ happy it should be illegal. My other fave is the confetti shot. Looks like an amazing night!

  6. michelle

    I am going to this concert this Saturday in KC. Will be my 5th time seeing him. He never disappoints! Glad you got to experience it!!

  7. Dennis Bullock

    Looks like so much fun guys!

  8. oneshotbeyond

    I don’t get jealous often, but this makes me sooooooooooo jealous and sooooooo glad for you both! FUN looking time.

  9. Brendon

    Haha, I find it ridiculous how good a picture you can take with a point-and-shoot. Looks like good times.

  10. Tira J

    Two of my favorite artists that I have been listening to all afternoon as I was editing a wedding. Um, that point n shoot did you well! Great shots! LOL! Glad you guys had fun.

  11. Courtney

    Which point and shoot did y’all use? The photo quality is great!

  12. Justin

    Hey guys! Thanks so much! I shot these with an older Sony Cybershot (with a Zeiss lens). Although I have to say that I was totally jealous of the girls infront of us with the Leica D-Lux3! Good times!

  13. erin harvey

    Looks like a blast, love those artists! The only thing better would have been Rascal Flatts ;)

  14. Mary M

    oooh that was for my birthday TWO years ago….but then we had nosebleed seats! :P

  15. Beyond The Lens Photography

    How did I not know you guys wer country fans? I would of loved this concert. Taylor Swift isawesome in cncert. I’ve also seen Keith (we’re cool like that as well), but Kenny has my heart. We’ve seen him 6 times. Hoping to get Sandbar tickets next time. You really are a country gal Mary……I’m so glad to hear it!

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