May 16, 2013

Adventures in Tourism

So there was that one time when we drove up to Rochester to see the Lilac Festival.

And being the good tourists that we are, we of course wanted to get our picture taken in front of a lilac bush right?? That’s what you do! So we asked one of our fellow tourists, a kindly looking little old lady with a gray bun on top of her head if she would mind snapping a picture of us. Justin had already picked the spot for her to stand and dialed in all the settings when he handed the Olympus over to her, so she was all good to go. But then….she went to WERK!!

She backed up twenty feet so she “could get the light good.” At one point she was standing behind a bush and shouting out for us to get closer to each other. She turned the camera every which way, including once, I’m pretty sure, upside down. She would point the camera at us for entire minutes at a time before snapping a shot, while we stood there with frozen smiles, poking each other & trying our best not to laugh. And then…it got REAL y’all!

Because that was the moment when she asked us to stand IN a lilac bush.

It started off innocently enough, with her directing us to stand on either side of this one little itty bitty bush in the midst of all the huge ones. So we did. And we smiled. Then she said “no, no, no…BACK UP!! Really get INTO the bush! This is going to be so COOL!” So we took a baby step back and a baby step in, still smiling the whole time. “NO! Closer! Really get in there!” At which point this itty bitty little old lady came over and MAN-HANDLED me into a plant. Let me tell you, she may have looked small, but she was strong. Then she backed up to her original spot and said, “Now look at each other! Hold hands in the middle! This is going to be great!” But we just kept smiling until she finally, finally, took the picture.

Then she came over and said, “Now let me show you what I did!” We ooohed and ahhhed the appropriate amount and thanked her profusely for her time as we sent her on her way. But just before she walked away she said, “In case you couldn’t tell, I consider myself a bit of a photographer.”

So Justin just smiled his Justin-y smile and said, “Yes ma’am, I could totally see that.”

Happy Friday friends!

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  1. Alice G Patterson

    Sooo funny… you guys are the best!

  2. Tricia

    This made me laugh out loud! Glad you two are having fun! Haha

  3. Nathan

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for making me smile at work!

  4. Melissa Siena

    That’s Rochester for ya! I can’t wait to go to the lilac festival Sunday!! <3

  5. Alison

    That is awesome in so many ways:)

  6. Tiffany Farley

    bahahaha. This is the funniest story ever.

  7. Anthony Essmaker

    HAHAH! Nice!

  8. katie

    bwahaha…this made me laugh so hard. How did you keep a straight face?!

  9. Lea Ciceraro

    Hahahahahaha I LOVE this SOOOO much. Y’all are the best. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Jen Araya

    This is an adorable story!

  11. Tiffany Bolk

    Ha Ha! That is such a sweet story! I bet it smelled amazing when you were in that lilac bush!

  12. Emily

    So funny! I’m trying not to laugh out loud in the middle of work! Best picture ever :)

  13. Annika

    Oh my goodness–this is wonderful!! Such a funny and cute story. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  14. colleen

    THIS had me laughing out loud. too funny. and maybe…just maybe…I’VE been that little old lady…hee, hee….

  15. Emily Crall

    HAHAHA!!!! This. Made. My. Day!

  16. Lindsey LaRue

    Baha! I have the cutest mental picture of this entire event. Thanks for making me literally laugh out loud today!

  17. Ryan DeVoll

    you guys make my day with your stories :D

  18. rich

    oh my – what a story!! one you’ll never forget!!

  19. Amanda Hedgepeth

    Love you two and LOVE some floral scented Yankee candles for our lil va beach home!!! :)

  20. LA

    Hilarious story! It is kind of a cute picture ;) ha ha!

  21. Sarah Hoppes

    That story is amazing!

  22. Keda Sharber

    Oh, my! I’ll be looking for an incorporation of lilac bushes in your next few sessions. Lol!

  23. Hilary

    Hilarious! but how awesome was the lilac festival?! ALMOST as awesome as your workshop :) which was the absolute BEST! You managed to get photographers in Rochester to want to stay inside on a what little sunny days we have and work on their flash in the dark – outstanding! :) :)

  24. Rachel

    I love, love, love Yankee Candle!!

  25. Jessica K. Sullivan

    That is a great story!

  26. dawn beirnes

    best scent EVER! You guys should have just jumped in the bush!

  27. Sarah

    What a funny story. At least you guys rocked it in the bush!!

  28. Emily Kathryn Walker

    Such a cute story. Too cute!

  29. Deyla Huss

    Awe!!!! Oy I adore me some lilac!

  30. Julie

    Candle….please! :)

  31. Gabrielle Halle

    Epic! But yay for Lilacs! My favorite flower! But seriously….where is the romantic hand holding over the bush?

  32. Alli McWhinney

    Ahahah! Thanks for the laugh…great photo…guess she is quite the photographer ;-)

  33. Lelia Marie

    Oh that is the best story! It makes this photo totally worth it. :-)

  34. GrandmaIna

    I love old ladies–oops, I’m one of them! Cute photo! Good laugh!

  35. Rebekah Hoyt

    This is HILARIOUS!!! Matt and I asked a fellow vacationer to take a picture of us on the beach during on honeymoon – they somehow managed to focus behind us so that the entire background is perfectly IN focus and we are the only thing perfectly OUT of focus! It was such a fun shot that I ended up sharing it on my blog anyway :)

  36. Alicia White

    Straight up hilarious :-)

  37. Urška Majer

    Such a funny anecdote! We normally always carry a tripod so we can shot the "touristy" photos ourselves :)

  38. Becky

    love that story – so cute – and I love lilacs :)

  39. Anna Blessing

    You got to love old folks! They are a total hoot! But I think you could have moved a little more INTO the bush. LOL! Thanks for the chuckle!

  40. Sophie

    Absolutely hilarious!! Even though it turned out different than you’d envisioned, the story behind the photo is one that I’m sure will make you laugh for years to come! :)

  41. Jenny

    oh em gee you guys. I’m in a fit of laughter over here. You were lucky to get such a talented photographer, really. Also, adding the Lilac Festival to my bucket list. They are my absolute favorite flower, and I’ve been going through serious withdrawal since moving to VA.

  42. Kyla McCormick

    I’m so glad you guys finally made it to the Lilac Festival!! This post was priceless!

  43. Susan Evans

    That’s so funny!

  44. Lisa Cour

    I LOVE this story and will be giggling about it the rest of the evening. TOO funny!!

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