February 15, 2010

Almost Perfect

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day.

There were massages and chocolate covered strawberries and red wine toasts. Toasts to the future. Toasts to right now. It was everything Valentine’s Day should be. But somehow it was so much more.

It was spilling smelly mussel juice on the table at dinner. It was our forks getting stuck in the middle as we reached for the same piece of chocolate bread pudding. It was the light dancing across Justin’s smiling face. It was carrying out our orecchiette leftovers and nearly running smack dab into Calista Flockhart as we rounded the corner. And still somehow playing it so cool. :)

It was looking down at my foil container with the heart drawn on the top as we waited for our coats, and whispering under my breath to Justin, “arrison-Ha ord-Fa is-a ight-Ra ERE-THA!!”


“Harrison Ford!! He’s right THERE! Wait, don’t look! Ok now, look!”

It was busting out of the restaurant like we’d been holding our breath forever, and laughing until our sides hurt. It was holding hands and racing to the car shouting, “We just saw Harrison Fo-ord. We just saw Harrison Fo-ord.” And then reciting every Harrison Ford quote we could think of on the way home.

“Get off my PLANE!”

“Fortune & Glory kid. Fortune & Glory”

“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes.”

“Take this. Wave it at anything that slithers”

Uhhh…..”Get of my PLANE!!” :) :)

It was heading back to our room to sit in front of the fireplace and realizing that we didn’t have any glasses for the champagne. Using the water glasses from the bathroom sink instead, and toasting just the same. Toasts to the future. Toasts to right now. It was Cooper’s face on my belly and the sound of Justin’s breathing as he slipped off to sleep. It was the most amazing day ever.

Because in the end, it wasn’t about it being a day that was everything it should be. It was about it being everything that it was.

It was a day that was almost perfect, and somehow all those little imperfections just made it more.

  1. Tira J

    Sweet! Love Harrison Ford and you guys too! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Trude

    Dude. I am SO jealous of you guys right now. HF is my all-time favorite!! Glad you had such a wonderful love day. :)

  3. Harmony Loves

    you two are just way too cute!! seriously, too cute!!

  4. Kathleen

    What about "Laugh it up, fuzzball!"? My favorite Harrison Ford quote! Sounds like you had an amazing day!

  5. JC

    I wonder if harrison said to himself…ohmahgoooood, there’s Justin and Mary MARANTZ!!!

    …I know I would have.

    :) happy valentines day

  6. Ray

    You guys are just too cute. ;o) I’m glad you had a great Valentine’s Day.

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