March 3, 2009

Alright, Alright!!

See, here’s the thing. Me and peer pressure…we don’t get along. I won’t sit with her in the lunch room. Refuse to go to her parties. Never call her back.

And she hates me for that. But one thing I will say about peer pressure….she never gives up. Nope, not ever.

And because of that….every GREAT once in a while for one brief shining moment…peer pressure gets the upper hand. And I cave.

Like a free for all in the Ben & Jerry’s aisle. I cave.

And this my dear friends just so happens to be one of those brief shining moments. Peer pressure’s moment in the sun. Her five minutes of glory. And for one brief shining moment she has the upperhand.

See, after months of everything from gentle prods to full on arm twisting, I have *finally* caved and joined the Twitter nation. And I’m bringing Justin with me!

Because let’s be honest…if you’re going to give in to peer pressure…you wanna make sure to bring a few people down with you! :)

Soooo…if you’re into that sorta thing, you can follow us HERE and HERE!!

And that way you’ll get all the super interesting and up to the minute updates on our packing progress as we prepare to leave for Vermont for 5 GLORIOUS days!! More on that to come!

y’know… IF, you’re on twitter!

  1. Val McCormick

    Welcome to your newest addiction :-)

  2. erica velasco


  3. Ashley Rose

    Ya for joining twitter!!!! :) i did the same thing with facebook and finally caved… stupid peer pressure!

  4. Tira J

    Yay for Twitter! so glad you caved? ha ha! And be sure to link it with your facebook so you only have to update twitter! I love it. OMG, Vermont is amazing. I went a few years ago on "the" weekend and the colors amazing.

  5. Derek

    Is it really worth it? Am I gonna be looking back in a couple months from now, and saying, what didn’t I join this earlier?

  6. ericamay

    i gave in and joined twitter last week. it’s actually very fun, and i was surprised at how quickly i was saying "i have to twitter that!" instead of "i have to facebookthat!" :) yes, miss peer pressure did a number on me! :D

  7. Crystal Chick

    I’m following you! :)

  8. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Oh, Twitter is so addictive and so easy! It’s like blogging on speed. I think you’ll get hooked! It’s so easy to shoot an update when you’re in the car or waiting for a client because you can do it from your phone! If anyone wants to add me, I’m gwentundermann on Twitter! : )

  9. Jackie L.

    I’m still debating joining…but we’ll see if the peer pressure makes me cave. :)

  10. Deyla Huss

    Ah yes Welcome to the fabulous world of constant change and peer pressure! Theres always something new and "exciting" out there to join in on, and we are just simple farmers who need a little curiosity killer right? So glad to be stalking you guys some more now LOL Have a fabulous week!!!

  11. jeramy

    so funny! i caved yesterday….ahhhh pressure.

  12. carla Ten Eyck

    oh, and YAY ,now I can see what you are up to…allllll the time :)

    you know I love my Marantz’s!


  13. Cathy Crawley

    I caved in and joined Twitter when in Vegas…..thanks to Becker!

  14. Holli True

    Yay! Twitter is fabulous! :) I had a slow start getting adjusted to using it- but now I just love it! You’ll love it, too! No IQ tests, flair or sheep to throw! ;)

  15. kate

    uh-oh, you’ve given into twitter…you’ll be hooked in no time :)

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