May 18, 2016

Announcing: Grab Your Copy of The J&M Intro to Flash Course!!

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**We are SO excited to announce that our Intro to Flash Course recording is now available in our J&M Store!!

I think one of the most amazing things about building our tribe has been the chance to TALK to people and really hear what they need help with most! And one of the things that we realized over time is that we are in this really hard place in our industry, where there are SO many new photographers who need help with things…but they are afraid to raise their hand and ask (in the forums, at local meet ups, with other photographers in their market) because SO many times before they have been made to feel stupid for not already knowing the answer or told to just go figure it out on their own. Now, believe me, I’m all for being a self-starter and a hard-worker in your business & not expecting things to just be handed to you, but instead doing the hard work to learn your craft well. But we also believe as leaders, that we have a duty to help raise up the next generation of photographers well because they are where this industry is headed. And in a very real way, we ALL benefit when the bar is raised and people are getting the information they need to get better at what they do and to tell better stories…because it makes the title “wedding photographer” a more respected one. And something we can all be proud to tell people what we do.

And more and more what we’re finding out, is that if there is ONE area where people are slipping through the cracks because they are afraid to ask for help… it’s a really solid basic understanding of their flash. They start to feel like they should have somehow been born with that information (as if you came into the world holding a Nikon SB 900 or a Canon 600!!)…and if they have made it this far without learning it, then they can’t ask for help now. And so people go on shooting weddings, and winging it when it comes to their lighting just hoping that they can fix it later in Lightroom. We want to help STOP that.

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And so that’s why we wanted to create a resource that covered all the most important basics of flash (the ones that you are most afraid to ask & feel the worst for not already knowing) in ONE place where you can get all your questions answered without ever once having to raise your hand or be made to feel stupid. We want to remove that FEAR and just get you the info that you need! So that’s why we are SO excited to announce that we recorded our recent Intro to Flash e-course, and we are making that recording available for you to purchase & watch right in the comfort of your own living room (after work, during the naps, whatever you need to do to make understanding your flash finally happen!) Just take a look at what our attendees are already saying:

“Hi Justin and Mary!! First off, you rocked the webinar course tonight!! (I loved it!) You have my deepest appreciation for all you do to build up, inspire and teach upcoming photographers. I cannot say enough good things about the amazing work you do for others. As the one on the other end of the spectrum (just entering my first tiny year chasing my dream) I can say it makes a world of difference. You knocked it out of the park!” -Rachel Stubbe

**Announcing the J&M Intro to Flash Course!! This is over two hours of us teaching and answering the most common frequently asked questions about understanding your speed lights! In it we cover the most important components of using your flash including settings, Manual v. TTL (and when you should use each), how to bounce for the most effective flattering light, recommended starting powers & more! All broken down in a super easy to follow & easy to understand way! The price of the course will normally be $59, but you can grab it for just $49 when you grab your copy in the Store TODAY! Just click HERE & get started learning right away!

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