September 22, 2015

Announcing: J&M Mentoring Winter Dates

winter mentoring

One of the best pieces of advice that Justin & I ever learned (let’s just say the hard way) is to “choose your teachers wisely.” That can mean a few different things. At it’s most basic level, it can mean “hey, don’t go learn lighting from someone who doesn’t actually light the way you want to” or “be careful that the person you’re learning organization from is actually organized themselves.” In other words, choose teachers who are already excelling in the thing you want to learn and go learn from them.

But it can also have a deeper meaning. A meaning that essentially says, make sure the teachers that you’re choosing actually ARE teachers. That they love teaching. That they love helping people. And that they care about more than just themselves or building up their own names as a “speaker.” When we were first starting, we made the mistake of doing some of our first mentoring sessions with people who were speakers. In other words, people who weren’t teachers. And the whole session reflected that. They were bored. They were unoriginal. They just repeated what every other speaker was already saying. And they spent more time telling us about THEIR business rather than helping us with ours.

Sometimes I think the negative things that happen like that in our business, come in to our lives precisely because they give us such a good example of what NOT to do. Of how NOT to love people. Of how NOT to give honor and integrity to the very high position of teacher. And after that, Justin & I swore that if we were ever in a position of getting to be someone’s mentor ourselves… that we would do better by it. That we wouldn’t just repeat what we had heard other speakers who came before us say, but instead would bring original, innovative content to the table. That we would listen as much as we talked. That we would give specific, practical, applicable advice unique to each person’s situation and what was best for their family (realizing that there is a family out there depending on the advice that we give). And that because of that, we would never just say “oh raise your prices, and you’ll be just fine.” like it’s some catch-all advice that everyone should follow. That we would tell the truth, even when it was hard.  That we would tell people what they needed to hear, not just what they wanted to hear. And then we would roll up our sleeves and help them find the solution, together. That we would be equal parts safe harbor and tough love. That we would push just enough to get people out of their comfort zone, but never leave them out on a ledge. And more than anything, that we would be a place where people could find answers. A plan. Hope. The fire to push through frustration, failure, fight for it and forward.

We always knew that if we were ever lucky enough to be a mentor, that we would have to have the integrity to do it well. And to make sure that we always left people better than we found them.

That is the heart of what it is to be a teacher.

***And with all of that said and a little piece of our heart poured out here on the blog, we are SO excited to announce our LAST mentoring dates of 2015 and our first for 2016!! The dates are listed below and just click HERE if you want to grab one of them!!

Nov 9th AM- Austin TX
Nov 20th AM- Hampton Roads, VA {SOLD OUT}
Nov 20th PM- Hampton Roads, VA {SOLD OUT}
Dec 3rd AM- New Haven, CT
Dec 3rd PM- New Haven, CT
Jan 13th AM- New Haven, CT
Jan 13th PM- New Haven, CT
Feb 3rd AM- New Haven, CT {SOLD OUT}
Feb 3rd PM- New Haven, CT


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