January 21, 2016

Announcing New J&M Mentoring Dates!!


Yesterday when we were recording our session for the online Turn It Up Conference (did we mention that it’s next week, features 12 awesome speakers, and that it’s totally FREE!! You should definitely go sign up!) we were asked what the most rewarding part of teaching & mentoring other photographers is. And part of my answer was this: I grew up seeing first hand (my family owned a logging business) just how hard it is to succeed as a small business, and to make a living doing something you love. I saw how many years my parents sat at the kitchen table, trying to figure out how to make all the ends meet…and all the months when they didn’t line up. And when you add in a creative element (and the whole “starving artist” obstacle it brings with it) to the mix, sometimes it can make it feel really impossible for people that they can ever actually make a real GO of this dream.

So when we meet with someone, and we make it just a little bit (or hopefully a LOT) easier for them to hit their booking numbers, figure out their pricing, set & then totally blow out of the water these crazy big goals that seemed totally out of reach for them just a couple months before…well that is a high, we will never get tired of! We have heard from countless of our mentoring alums over the years with stories of them doubling their number of bookings, their income on the year, going full time, bringing on associates, and actually getting their LIFE back in the process! And our most recent one in fact, just came in this week! We mentored Maria just a short while back & this is what she had to say:

“J&M, I just wanted to email you guys because I just booked my biggest wedding client EVER, thanks to all your suggestions on my pricing. The total for their order was exactly TWICE what my normal collection is! Plus, they are such an awesome couple, they added on an album (my first!!!), and even the rehearsal dinner the night before. AND it’s at one of my favorite/dream venues…it’s going to be amazing! So thank you! You guys have already helped me to make my website better, be more profitable, and have so much more confidence going into the new year!!”Maria Grace

*Do you need some real help like that in your business? Well scroll on down to see our new J&M Mentoring dates just announced!!


It’s stories like this one from Maria (ps: how GORGEOUS is she?!) that have us just SO excited to be able to announce a new round of J&M Mentoring dates over the next few months! There are only a few spots though & they do tend to go fast, so be sure to jump on them if you want one!

January 25th AM (SOLD OUT)
January 25th PM (SOLD OUT)
February 3rd AM (SOLD OUT)
February 3rd PM (SOLD OUT)
February 24th AM
February 24th PM
March 16th AM
March 16th PM

*Note that we do offer FULL day (10am-6pm) mentoring sessions if you want to work on EVERY area of your business! This gives us the chance to cover not just the business side, but also things like lighting, posing & more! Email mary@justinmarantz.com if interested!

*We also have THREE of our “What’s Next Sessions” (one hour Skype sessions for our mentoring & workshop alums only) available and you can grab one of those by emailing us at mary@justinmarantz.com too!

Happy Thursday!

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