October 12, 2016

Announcing: Our First 2017 Workshop Dates are HERE!!


Ohhh friends!! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that we have been teasing the announcement of our first workshop dates of 2017 for the past couple of days. And I am so excited to say that they are finally HERE!!! And yep, you read that right….I said DATES! That’s because next year, we are doing something we have NEVER done before and kicking off the year by hitting up BOTH coasts!! Today, for the first time anywhere publicly, we are SO excited to announce…

Walk Through a Wedding the WEST COAST EDITION: Jan 11-12th, Monterey area, CA

Walk Through a Wedding the EAST COAST EDITION: Feb 21-22nd, New Haven, CT

But wait, it gets BETTER!

***That’s because the tickets are now LIVE and for the next two days, through Friday at midnight, we are doing an Early Bird special price for all of our blog readers that will get you over $300 off your seat! But just a heads up, we already opened these seats up to our workshop waitlist and we’re now down to just a COUPLE spots (less than half!) left in each  city! So definitely don’t WAIT to lock in your spot & join us in 2017!! (just click on one of the links above to claim your seat!)

But what does this workshop REALLY do? Why should you sign up?

I’m so glad you asked! The last couple weeks we have been pouring through stories and emails we’ve gotten from some of our amazing past attendees, and here are just some of the common themes we hear over & over from our alums…

  • Attendees going home and DOUBLING their bookings for the very next year
  • Photographers booking their highest packages they’ve EVER had, and in their very first meeting following the workshop making so much more than they had been that it nearly covered the price of the workshop right there!
  • A total game change in their posing, in how comfortable their clients felt, and a noticeable change in the work that they started producing.
  • Walking into a wedding & no longer fearing their flash!
  • A total overhaul of their portfolio that led to them finding & booking their most ideal clients, who hired them because they loved their work.
  • And most important of all, a re-igniting of a fire and passion for photography & their business that had nearly burn out for good! 

If you are finding yourself in this busy season tired, uninspired, spending HOURS in Lightroom trying to fix bad lighting instead of having a life, in a total stiff & static posing rut, worried constantly about your bookings for next year, and generally feeling like you need a spark to set you on FIRE again… then DO this for yourself and your business! Just scroll down to see how this workshop totally CHANGED Christan’s business in just two days!


“Justin and Mary!

I just wanted to say 1 million times over THANK YOU!!!  When I first decided to take the plunge and take your workshop I will admit I had NO IDEA what to expect, and I had no idea what I would learn.  I came in to your workshop a bit naïve and feel like I thought that there was nothing I could learn that I didn’t already know.  Boy, was I ever WRONG!!

Before I took your workshop, I was in a slump with my photography in general.  I was booking clients steadily with no problem, but I was starting to hate photography and despised the business side of things.  I felt like it was the same old thing over and over again.. “do this, now do this…now we’ll do this…” YAWN.  I was ready to quit, because I honestly could not see myself doing that for the rest of my life (and at that point I had been doing it for nearly 5 years).  Your workshop was my last resort to find my passion again and it WORKED!  It was so full of information and tips and tricks that I would have NEVER thought of.  I started using some of the methods on posing that you shared with my first wedding of the season last year and had instant success with it.  The lightbulb in my head went off, and I was like Holy crap this totally works!  I used your methods with every session and wedding last year and had so many people messaging me to personally thank me for capturing their story so well!  I’ve also had people that have followed me for years that messaged me to tell me that they liked my work before but they LOVED it now and that I must have changed something.  Instead of my images having a posed look (before WTAW), I feel now that they actually tell a story!  I even had my first photo go semi viral and get shared in the local news stations in November last year because you helped me put my heart into my work again!

I’ve changed the way that I do client consultations for weddings and now hold them right in my house because of your information.  I’ve had quite a few brides now that have told me that they were nervous to come for the consultation but couldn’t believe how welcomed I made them feel, and that they felt like they knew me for years and were so comfortable and couldn’t wait for me to photograph their wedding!  I have booked over double the amount of weddings in 2016 than I did in 2015 (and I thought I was booked solid then) and it is all thanks to you Justin and Mary, I now know how to market myself more effectively, build even better relationships with my clients and capture life instead of just “poses”! I also redid my entire website a month ago using your tips and within 2 days of launching the new site I had 2 brides book me within just a couple of days, both said they searched through tons of photographers and kept coming back to me because they loved my work so much, and they both booked my top package (woohoo!!!).

So once again, hopefully without sounding like I’m going on and on…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  You both saved me from giving up.  I feel like my heart is once again 100% happily creating memories and telling people’s stories.  Your workshop was worth every penny and more and I recommend it to anyone wanting to up their game or find out who they are as an artist!

Sincerely, Christan from Canada :)”

Let me ask you, what would it feel like if a year from now you could say all of those same things? What if you could not only DOUBLE your bookings but at your highest package and with your most ideal clients? What if you could have people seeing a noticeable change in your work & your craft, and booking you because it’s everything they’ve been looking for? What if you could feel PASSION & HEART in your work again where right now you might be feeling exhausted, uninspired and burnt out? What would your 2017 look like that was true? 

And are you ready to take the leaps to make that happen?


PS: don’t MISS your chance to join us in 2017 & save $300!! This Early Bird price goes away in just two days! Click HERE for our January date & HERE for February! 

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