March 6, 2013

Announcing our June Walk Through: To Have & To BHLDN

Good morning!!

Today was the kind of day where you wake up early and want to post the blog at 6am because you’re just that excited. At least that’s how I woke up feeling! But since I knew you guys were probably still sleeping, I forced myself to hold off. But now that it’s a decent hour, I can finally hit the “active” button and do a little dance party in my office. Because today is the day I get to unveil to you our next Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M Workshop theme…..To Have & To BHLDN (Beholden)!!

All you Anthropologie junkies out there, will you join me in a collective squeal?? Eeeeee! :) There, that feels better! We’ve been working hard on this board and I’ve just been dying to show you guys! Picture all things pink and gold and ribbony. Mixed with all the unexpected elements (like a paper boutonniere!) that only Anthro can pull off. We’re picturing lace gloves and a wall of ribbons and lavender cones made out of vintage French books. Oui Oui!!


So when is all of this French, gilded goodness going to place you ask? Good question, I say!

The next Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M Workshop will take place over two days at & near our place in New Haven, CT on June 11-12th. Seats are incredibly limited and tend to sell out fast (and I would say doubly fast for this theme!) so be sure to grab your seat asap if you want in!

Ok, I’m pumped! But wait, I’m new here….what exactly is Walk Through again?

Walk Through is two full days of what it takes to be a wedding photographer. The first day will be all shooting & walking through each step of the wedding day, as if we were actually shooting it. But y’know, with better vendor meals. We’ll cover everything from the getting ready to a dark church to posing the couple to shooting the reception complete with killer details. We start bright & early at our place talking about the “Why.” Throughout the first day we cover all of those trouble spots like posing an unruly bridal party, organizing the family shots, off-camera lighting at the church & reception, what to do if you only have 10 minutes for the portraits, and how to have a game plan to shoot the reception details before the get destroyed. We have everything set up to be just like a real wedding, so this is literally a one-stop shop for all those things you struggle with. But we’re not done. Then we’re going to bring it back on the second day where Justin & I will show you everything (the good, the bad & the ugly) that we got the day before. Then we’ll launch into the “business” day side of things with creating a signature style (including how we do all of our post-processing, especially those rich black & whites), brand power, building momentum and all the workflow & systems to back it up. Because we know what you know. That the shooting side of things is just the first part of creating a successful wedding photography business. And we just wanted to make sure you were getting the whole story.

Ok, ok. I’m in! How do I go about signing up? And you wouldn’t happen to have any early bird specials would you??

Why yes we do!! The seat to this two-day intensive workshop normally goes for $1200, but for anyone who secures their seat today only using the code “smartshopper” you’ll be able to grab it for just $950!!

And here’s a lil’ sneak peek of our latest Walk Through, “Cocoa & Chanel,” which I will be blogging really soon!

  1. Tiffany Farley

    UM. SO FUN!! And Ashley you look beaUTiful!!! :)

  2. Sarah Goodwin

    "To Have & To BHLDN", I love it and can’t wait to see the styling for this walk through. The Cocoa & Chanel sneak peek has me very anxious to see more.

  3. Ryan

    Need models? I do a pretty good George Clooney Impression! :) This looks like so much fun!!! And that photo of Ashley!!! Shut the front door! :)

  4. Malika Luthra

    "Eeeeeee!!!" (That’s me joining in your collective squeal!) :)

  5. Rachel McCloud

    It looks like so much fun. Attending one of your workshops is on my list of "things to do before I die" ;)

  6. Caroline

    So excited to finally be able to go! Just signed up!

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