June 19, 2013

Announcing: Our London Walk Through Workshop!!

In February of 2012, we put on one of my favorite Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop themes ever: Buckles & Burberry. We’ve done a lot of different themes over the past few years and I’ve loved every one of them (I basically feel like I’ve planned about 25 different weddings at this point!) but there was always just something about this one that really spoke to me.

As soon as we started planning it at our place in Connecticut, all I could think about was how incredible it would be if one day we could actually take this one across the pond and host it in the home Burberry….London Town! I lived outside of London for a year when I was getting my Masters degree & then Justin and I lived there again for a summer when I was working at a firm, so it really feels like a second home to us. As luck would have it, one of our very dear friends is getting married over there at the beginning of July and we’re headed back for that.

So we decided it was time to do something about making things happen, and we’re bringing Buckles & Burberry with us!

We are SO excited to announce our first ever London workshop, a two-day Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop filled with all things Burberry goodness on July 3rd &4th!! We put together this design board for our first one & now we can’t wait to one- up it! I can’t wait to show you everything we have planned! If you would like to join us, you can grab your spot by using the cart below AND when you use the code “blogreader” this week that will get you over $200 off your seat! We hope to see you there!

Where I promise NOT to say things like pip pip & cheerio! :)


What is Walk Through?
Walk Through is two full days of what it takes to be a wedding photographer. The first day will be all shooting & walking through each step of the wedding day, as if we were actually shooting it. But y’know, with better vendor meals. We’ll cover everything from the getting ready to a dark church to posing the couple to shooting the reception complete with killer details. We start bright & early at our place talking about the “Why.” Throughout the first day we cover all of those trouble spots like posing an unruly bridal party, organizing the family shots, off-camera lighting at the church & reception, what to do if you only have 10 minutes for the portraits, and how to have a game plan to shoot the reception details before they get destroyed. We have everything set up to be just like a real wedding, so this is literally a one-stop shop for all those things you struggle with. But we’re not done. Then we’re going to bring it back on the second day where Justin & I will show you everything (the good, the bad & the ugly) that we got the day before. Then we’ll launch into the “business” day side of things with creating a signature style (including how we do all of our post-processing, especially those rich black & whites), brand power, building momentum and all the workflow & systems to back it up. Because we know what you know. That the shooting side of things is just the first part of creating a successful wedding photography business. And we just wanted to make sure you were getting the whole story.

  1. Faye Bernoulli

    What a coincidence, Buckles & Burberry was my favorite WTAW too! ;)

  2. Jenny Lee

    So excited and still in disbelief that I get to attend your workshop and learn from you two! See you in London! :)

  3. Jade

    Do you guys have any plans to come back to Australia yet?

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