May 4, 2016

Announcing: The J&M Intro to Flash Course!!

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Happy Wednesday! We have heard from SO many of you over the past few months saying that you would *love* to take a Lighting course with us! But you are just getting started with photography & so you’re not QUITE ready for the J&M Lighting Bundle yet! Right now you’re just looking for something that is a really great intro to all the basics of using your flash at a more entry level price. Well you asked & we listened!! That is why we are so SUPER excited to announce our first ever BRAND NEW e-course “J&M’s Intro to Flash” that will be happening LIVE on May 11th at 7pm EST!

This course will include a full hour of tutorials of us walking you through step by step all the most important components of your flash including settings, Manual v. TTL (and when you should use each), how to bounce for the most effective flattering light, recommended starting settings & more! All broken down in a super easy to follow & easy to understand way! And then it will be followed up by a BONUS hour of Q&A with us! Get all your basic flash questions answered in one place! The price of this course is just $49 and we only opened 100 spots….but after only two days we’re now down to our LAST 25 spots!! So definitely don’t MISS out!! You can reserve your spot TODAY by going HERE & we’ll see you online!!

A few commonly asked questions…

Q. If I already have the J&M Lighting Guide should I sign up for this? Definitely not. This is a basics intro for people who are JUST getting started with flash and don’t want to feel overwhelmed. If you have the Lighting Guide, you are already way ahead of the game! :)

Q. Will there be a replay? We will be sending out a recording/replay to everyone who signs up so that you can review it later on. BUT we are highly encouraging everyone to do your best to watch it live. Remember, that whole second hour is made up of Q&A, and so the quality of that content will only be as good as the people who are watching live asking the questions! If you want to make sure your questions are answered, then be sure to tune in live!

Q. I just signed up, but I didn’t get the link! When you sign up, the program should send you a confirmation automatically and the link to where you’ll go on May 11th at 7pm EST. But we have been hearing that not everyone is getting it (be sure to check your spam!). Don’t worry! We will also be emailing everyone from our personal account with a welcome and the link a few days before the event! For now, just mark the date & time on your calendar!

Ok, hopefully that answered all your questions! We can’t WAIT to see you there!


PS: But what about those of you who AREN’T just getting started & are ready to take your lighting to a whole NEW level?? Then our J&M Lighting Bundle is for you! Click HERE to grab your copy & save over $150 on the entire bundle when you sign up TODAY!


  1. Abby Grace

    I am SO proud of you guys for this!! You guys are just absolutely rocking the world of lighting education. Everyone who attends will be SO blessed by your content!

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