June 15, 2016

Announcing: The J&M Lighting Intensive PLUS!!


Happy Wednesday you guys!! We are about to start Day TWO of our June Walk Through a Wedding, but we had to hop on because we have such exciting news to share with you this morning!

We are SO excited to announce our first ever, brand new “J&M Lighting Intensive PLUS” that combines the power of our J&M Lighting Guide and our in-person J&M Lighting Intensive! And we are going to be putting on our FIRST one ever on July 14th in the Richmond VA area!! Attendees will receive our Lighting Guide to work through in advance and then we will be able to hit the ground RUNNING at the six-hour in person workshop, working side by side with you to help you ROCK your own lighting set up & flash as we shoot details & models!

***This combo of the Guide & Intensive would normally be $900 if purchased separately, but we’ve created a special workshop price of $750 that will get you BOTH the six hour workshop AND the 100+ page guide & one hour video!! AND if you already own the Lighting Guide, you can take an additional $200 off the price of your seat simply by using the code “FLASH200” at checkout! Grab your seat before they’re gone by clicking HERE!! 


The J&M Lighting Intensive PLUS is our brand new course that combines the power of our J&M Lighting Guide with our hands-on J&M Lighting Intensive workshop. Attendees will receive the Lighting Guide course to work through in advance of the workshop, and then we will be able to hit the ground running at the six hour in-person workshop, rolling our sleeves up and working side by side alongside you until you are fully confident that you can ROCK your flash no matter the situation!

What is the J&M Lighting Intensive?
It’s a six hour, super-intensive, but incredibly fun, hands-on lighting extravaganza with one goal in mind: no one goes home that night until they feel 100% more confident that they could fully rock their flash at their next wedding or shoot. We’ll show you our complete approach for on-camera & off-camera set ups (Including our basic one-light set up and more advanced lighting, incorporating multiple set ups and other light modifiers), as well as our dimensional approach to natural light. And then we’ll get to the real work: working side by side with you as you use your camera and YOUR flash to achieve the same results. We’ll have a table set up and model available, so there’ll be plenty to shoot. And we’re keeping space limited to make sure we can work with you until every question is answered. But one thing is certain. You will be using these set ups by the end of the night & you’ll go home with a working knowledge for how to rock the light no matter the situation. Dark rooms, brown walls, pink uplighting….we got you covered! And yes, I know, words like “hands-on” and “intensive” can be really scary in you’re flash-phobic like I used to be. But by the end of the night, we’re going to show you that if you aren’t afraid of windows, then you don’t have to fear your flash any more either (because we simply use the flash light portable windows!) We can’t wait to see you there!

The J&M Lighting Guide- the Foundations Edition is the foundational guide in our lighting series. This Guide, with over 100 pages,  lays out & covers all the basics of our entire approach to light (both natural, on camera flash & off camera) as well as all the basics of our lighting philosophy. This includes: creating directional & dimensional light, the 5 characteristics of light, finding & drawing your angles, making the light go to work for you to attract a higher end bride, how to set up & work your off-camera light and where to place it, how to determine which power to select, Manual v. TTL, the benefits of umbrella v. soft box and why you need both, how to make the most of your bounce flash & make it feel like a larger light, how to say goodbye to awful, mixed light once and for all, how to have the confidence to know that you always bring the light no matter what, and much, much more!

  1. Abby Grace

    This is brilliant! You two are SUCH good teachers, and anyone struggling with lighting in any way NEEDS to attend this. I love watching you two make waves!

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