June 4, 2012

Announcing: The J&M Lighting Intensive!!

After “how do I even get started” and maybe “what lenses do you most recommend”…..the hands down next most popular question we get from other photographers is about understanding their flash.

On camera. Off camera. Multiple light set ups.

TTL. Manual. Firing remotely.

Ambient light. Main light. Gelling and shutter speed.

Let’s face it, when you’re first getting used to using it, flash can be a scary, scary thing.

I get it. I really and truly do.

Because I was one of those people who used to think that I would always just be a “natural light” photographer because, quite frankly, my flash scared the stuffing out of me. Seriously, I was the kind of person who used to avoid setting up a light stand because I was convinced that somehow I was going to make it blow up. Austin Powers style. Hidden beneath some benign looking mountain, somewhere in the secret la-bor-atory. But, very fortunately for me in so many ways, I am married to a man named Justin. A man that Julia & I affectionately refer to as the “light whisperer.” And a man that, again quite frankly, has never believed in letting me get away with anything even remotely resembling a cop out. It’s a fact that I’m grateful for every day.

Because if there was ever anything I didn’t understand about photography, you can bet we were going to work on it. Over and over and OVER again. Until I got it. Hands on. In the trenches. Under the gun. Until the lightbulb (pun FULLY intended) went off. And I’m a better photographer because of it. Because I can now confidently tell you that there isn’t a lighting situation out there that I wouldn’t fully be prepared to rock. And believe me, on a wedding day….we’ve seen them all.

Since I know there are so many people out there still struggling with this very thing, I am beyond thrilled to be able to announce ….

The J&M Lighting Intensive!!

This July, we are going to be hitting the road and hitting up 3 cities to start- Charlotte (Concord, NC), Richmond & Boston- and bringing all of our lighting equipment & knowledge with us!

The formula is simple. It’s a five hour, super-intensive, incredibly hands-on lighting extravaganza with one goal in mind: no one goes home that night until they convince us they are 100% confident that they could fully rock their flash at their next shoot. We’ll show you our complete approach for on-camera & off-camera set ups (Including our basic one-light set up and more advanced lighting, incorporating multiple set ups and other light modifiers), and then we’ll get to the real work: working side by side with you as you use your camera and your flash to achieve the same results. We’ll have several table set ups and models available, so there’ll be plenty to shoot. And we’re keeping space incredibly limited to make sure we have lots of one on one time with you until every question is answered. But one thing is certain. You will be using these set ups by the end of the night & you’ll go home with a working knowledge for how to rock the light no matter the situation. Dark rooms, brown walls, pink uplighting….we got you covered! And yes, I know, words like “hands-on” and “intensive” can be really scary in you’re flash-phobic like I used to be. Again I get it, I really do. But like Justin always told me…you’re only going to learn to swim if you’re brave enough to go in the water. We hope to see you there!

And if you need some further convincing, here are some good things other folks have had to say!

from Maddie

Hi Mary,

I’m so happy to hear that! I meant every word. :)

It’s funny that you e-mailed when you did because while I was shooting a wedding last Saturday, I had my brand new D700 stolen from me with my 50 1.4 attached just 15 minutes before the getting ready photos were supposed to begin. The venue was pitch black, and I rocked it out with a D80 and a few modified J&M off-camera lighting techniques (thankfully my partner’s gear was intact). But during the wedding, I kept thinking to myself, “What would I have EVER done if this had happened before Walk Through a Wedding? I would have ruined every photo by jacking up the ISO as high as it goes, and praying for a miracle.” Thanks to you guys, I had enough confidence in myself that I knew how to make even my backup gear yield amazing results. So THANK YOU. Because THAT moment was when I really needed some a**-saving, and you guys provided it.

Please keep doing what you’re doing. It’s such a rare thing.


from Faye

Hi J&M! Just an update (and HUGE thank you)!!

We had the wedding this past Saturday, and that was one heck of a tough lighting situation. In addition to the copious amounts of red and gold, there were these indents in the ceiling with blue lighting, so anywhere we turned, we got a different white balance. I can’t emphasize enough how much the one light set up SAVED OUR BEHINDS! (and my sanity when I started post processing ;)

Chris (my husband and second shooter) decided to bring our plug-into-the-wall lighting kit just in case we needed a stronger light. We didn’t even touch it after getting to the reception, and on our way home, he said “I really like this one light set up. Let’s get rid of the powered set.” Haha! He loved that we were able to set it up anywhere without the hazard of anyone running into it or tripping over extension cords.

So again, THANK YOU to you and Justin for teaching us so well in February!
Much love,

Getting emails like the ones above just makes my HEART happy! Happy for the photographer. Happy for the couple. Happy for the history that was documented on both of those days. If flash is something that you struggle with at all, we would LOVE to see you at one of these three cities. Like we said, space is going to be really limited so we do expect them to go fast. Be sure to sign up today if you want to grab your spot! And as an extra little added bonus, if you enter “getflashed” at checkout that will get you $50 off your seat. You can click HERE to sign up. And….GO!!

  1. ashley barnett

    Eek! This is EXCITING!! :)

  2. Emily

    Oregon! Oregon! Oregon! **Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that out loud?** I could even go with Pacific NW! Pacific NW! Pacific NW!

  3. Mandy Ducote

    Come to New Orleans!!! :)

  4. Lauren Wakefield

    Boston date on a day I’m already going to be in Boston. Coincidence…I think not.

  5. Jen Jar

    Ahhh! You guys are truly amazing. Always eager to help others :) I am so sad that I won’t be able to go, but hopefully I’ll see you two another time very soon!!!

  6. Sarah

    You mentioned you were going to be in Florida for several weddings this year… any chance you can add a Florida date??!!! Pretty please!!

  7. Jackie Lamas

    this is awesome!

  8. Cindy

    Do you do this in CT?

  9. Danielle Acken

    Come west!!

  10. Rici

    That just sounds awesome! Mary can I quote you on the Austin Power sentence?!?! I love this one!!! Saluti from the train to Germany.

  11. Tiffany Bolk

    You absolutely MUST come to the Mid-West and do this too! Puleeezzz!

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