February 14, 2012

Announcing the Next Walk Through: Two If By Sea

Happy Tuesday!

Last night we released the dates for our next Walk Through to our newsletter subscribers, as well as unveiled our brand new fancy schmancy Walk Through a Wedding website courtesy of SiteHouse Designs. And now, we are ready to unveil it to you too! You can check out the full site HERE.

A ton of the seats are already gone to our newsletter subscribers, but we do still have some spots left and we would LOVE if you would join us! The next Walk Through will take place here in CT on April 25-26th and the theme will be “Two if By Sea.” Just check out this super pretty board Julia has already put together. This one is gonna be GOOD! And as if that wasn’t good enough, the word on the street is that we are going to have access to our very own private island. And as if THAT wasn’t good enough, there’s an extra bonus feel good feature to this one in that this will be our “Thirst Relief” Walk Through, where you can know that 50% of your seat is going directly to help save lives all over the world. Win-win. Getting to grow your business & photography by leaps and bounds all while saving lives….c’mon it doesn’t get any better than that!


Since today is Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give you just a little extra love. So for today only, when you sign up using the code “thirstrelief” that will get you $200 off your seat. But don’t wait! This one is sure to be gone soon!

  1. Emilia Jane

    Love love love the +site! Are there still seats available? I’m trying to working out the dates for a trip with my mom.

  2. Deborah Zoe

    that picture of you two is amazing:)! And this theme is too!!

  3. Katelyn James

    You guys look INTENSE!! and I like it! I need a model face like that!

  4. Nancy Orozco

    You two are smokin’ hot!

  5. Nancy Mitchell

    All I can say is LOVE!

  6. Michelle Feeney

    Congrats! Looks great. Promise and her team did a fantastic job for you guys.

  7. jim davis-hicks

    As founder of Thirst Relief all I can say is you guys are ROCK STARS!!!! Ok, that’s not really good enough cause it’s kinda like saying your drink and do drugs and sleep around a lot while playing on a guitar :) terrible generalization I know but you get my point. What I meant to say is "WOW!! You guys are amazing. I can’t thank you enough on behalf of our organization and all those whose lives will be saved because of your giving back. Thank you!"

  8. katie yuen

    love love LOVE the website for walk through! Hopefully I can come again one day!

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