January 5, 2009

Announcing: The Spread the Love Tour 2009!!

Hey Guys!

Justin & I are SUPER excited to announce that our 2009 Spread the Love Tour is kicking off this month in our very own home state of Connecticut!! We’ll be making stops in 8 cities across the country this year and we’re now ready to announce the first two!!

Spread the Love-New England: January 28th, 2009 in Hartford, CT (this will be the only stop we’re making in New England this year! So all of you MA, NY, NJ, RI, and VT people should sign up for this one too! )

Spread the Love- Las Vegas: February 15th, 2009 during WPPI in Las Vegas, NV

The Dealio:

Spread the Love is not a photography workshop…It’s a LIFE workshop. So you don’t have to be a photographer to attend! Florists, planners, basically anybody who owns their own business can benefit from Spread the Love. In this seminar, we’ll cover everything from marketing, branding, building relationships, business 101, financial health, balancing life & business, creating systems that stick. and so much more. This is the time for a fresh start, and what better way to kick it off than getting inspired to get back to what you love about not only your business, but more importantly…to what you love about your LIFE again?

We would be so honored to share that with you.

What’s MORE, we’re also offering a discount code for people who get in on this early. The seats are normally $150, but for the next few days you’ll be able to reserve your spot for just $99 Just click on the “Buy Now” link below and enter “SPREADLOVE” as the discount code at checkout to grab yourself a seat! We can’t wait to see you all there!

  1. Val McCormick

    All signed up! I am so looking forward to it! :-)

  2. john waire

    will the love spread to baltimore?

  3. Derek

    To be honest, even though I don’t own my own business, I think I still want to check this out. Unfortunately, I’d prolly need to use a vacation day from work… but we’ll see!

  4. Dennis Bullock

    You are coming to St. Louis right :)…hint hint

  5. Annemarie

    You can just see the love from Justin in this picture, while he’s watching you speak, Mary. Would love to get to see you two in action, and meet you, sometime this year! :) Good luck!!

  6. Christa

    It’s an 8 hr drive and a workday for me :(
    maybe I can check it out some other time……

  7. Ashley Rose

    Oh that sounds like sooo much fun! Now if I can only convince the hubs to take me to VEGAS :)

  8. Traci Blake

    Just signed up. . .can’t wait!

  9. Alice & Eric

    Thanks so much for leaving the nice comment on our blog. We are going to WPPI too. We want to come say hi if you are not too busy with the tour :)

  10. Adrienne

    So exciting! Could there possibly be a stop in LA…?

  11. Mary Marantz

    Definitely! We’re looking at both LA & San Diego as possibilities.

  12. Dawn McKinstry

    Any chance you’ll be in the southeast for one of those 8 cities?

  13. Kim

    Florida??? LOL.

  14. Mary Marantz

    Somewhere in the southeast fo’ sho. Still working on where!

  15. Melanie Hitchcock

    If you come to San Diego….we will have to hang out again!!!

  16. Mary Marantz

    heck YEA we will!!

  17. Dawn McKinstry

    I agree with Kim, I vote for a Florida tour stop!

  18. Candice

    Sounds fabulous. I will be there!

  19. Mary Marantz

    awesome Candice!! thank you so much!

  20. Meghan Stewart

    Come to Florida, Come to Florida! Preferable north Florida. :)

  21. Mary Marantz

    whoa there are a lot of you Florida folks huh?

  22. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Add another vote for Florida!

  23. Kricia Morris Photography

    Oh I would be totally excited if you came to the Florida Panhandle! Do it do it do it!!!

  24. laurel

    I don’t know if the comments section is the best place to ask a question about this. I’ll be at WPPI 09, but I’ve never been before. How does it work if I want to get into your class? I tried finding more info on the WPPI home page, but was a little confused. I REALLY need to learn anything you have to teach. Help?!

  25. Andi Walpurgis

    All signed up…can’t wait for it…you guys are amazing…

  26. Feuza

    Just saw this thanks Sarah for the heads up but I guess I am late for the promo code. :-(

  27. Feuza

    Nevermind, I just purchased and got the discount! I AM SO EXCITED to meet you guys in person, I am in such need of this, can not wait!

  28. Emily Mason

    You guys have to come to NC!!

  29. Jackie Blair

    darn! I won’t be getting into vegas until 1pm on sunday. I would have definitely gone. Is there more details on time?

  30. Rachel

    Hey There! This workshop sounds awesome!!! I would have been there in a flash, except that I am in another workshop on the 15th in Vegas!! Any chance of having a second one towards the end of WPPI???? I would love to "Spread the Love"

  31. Brittney Hale

    When are you going to announce the other dates and locations for ’09? Utah, Utah!!! Ok i dont really care where- great time to cash in frequent flyer miles :)

  32. Ginger Dupre

    Darn it! My plane wont arrive in time.

  33. Gen

    Any more of these coming this year?

  34. Bett

    Well poo… I’ll have to wait until next year.

    If I pout and whine would you do a workshop in .. hmm.. Wilmington, DE or Philly?

    If I have to wait until 2010 so be it… it sounds like it’s definitely worth the wait.

  35. Tamara Kenyon

    Boise Idaho! We never have anything like this here for photographers to join. Please come!!

  36. Kati Decker

    Thanks so much for the great insight and info today at PartnerCon! I’d love to take advantage of this Tour! When will you guys be in the San Jose, CA area? :)

  37. nancy m

    Come to OHIO! We would welcome you with open arms and hearts <3!

  38. Jennifer DeLaurentis

    When are tickets available for the Spread The Love 2010 workshop?

  39. Crystal

    Bought my ticket for Nashville on Friday. Emailed some other photogs here in Memphis about it too!

  40. Crystal

    Oops. Ha! Didn’t mean to leave my comment on the 2009 workshop blog entry. ;) Anyway, see ya in January ****2010****

  41. Michael

    Any plans to be in OHIO? Would love to attend this workshop.

  42. Kristina

    Mary thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog today! I LOVE your website! Please come to St. Louis?!?!? or Chicago?!?!? :)

  43. Karen Gerace

    Any plans to come to Philly or Lancaster County?

  44. Kathryn Staron

    I saw a few other suggestions of Chicago-here’s hoping it’s one of your upcoming dates!

  45. Noelle Bell

    Come to TN!! What beautiful mountains we have here!!

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