November 24, 2009

Announcing: The Spread the Love Tour Dates!!

Ok, so there’s been a LOT of behind the scenes work going on over here to get ready for our big Spread the Love Tour 2010!! And we are ready to unveil a lot!

Like what I plan on packing!! :)

Life on the road for two months is going to be pretty interesting to say the least . So we’re definitely going to need some creature comforts to keep us sane. You’ve already seen what Julia plans on bringing with her. I *should’ve* told her to also pack ear plugs because I like to sing in the car. But maybe some things are more fun when they’re discovered!

So, now feast your eyes on some of the things that will definitely be making it into my suitcase!!

1. My skin always gets SO dry in the winter. So I’m just taking a leap here in saying it’s going to be that much worse going to places like Denver in February! I’ll definitely need to keep some L’Occitane lotion handy.
2. What can I say? I’m a hoodie junky….love this Sherpa one from J.Crew especially. One in every color please!
3. My trusty iPod shuffle (in teal of course!) with lots o’ tunes for the road. Y’know…..for when everyone gets tired of my singing.
4. Love, love, love…’s what we’re spreading. Wait. :) From Victoria’s Secret
5. What could make 13 hours on the road at a time more bearable? Plaid, flannel pajama bottoms of course! Also VS
6. So that I don’t get completely buried in a mountain of email I would never crawl back out from after two months on tour, we’ll be bringing our handy dandy ATT connect card so we can have internet and get some work done from the road.
7. Because we’re going to be spending so much time driving, we knew we were going to need some tricked out surroundings to make it more comfortable. Like a flat screen tv, bose headphones and dvd player. I plan on bringing a lot of romantic comedies and scary movies. Like how hilarious would it be to make Julia watch “Joy Ride” from the road?! Bwah, ha, ha!!
8. I have a confession. I am totally and 100% lip gloss dependent. If I don’t have some about every 15 minutes, my lips totally shrivel up and die. True story. So I’ll make sure I pack extra!!
9. Stacy’s Pita Chips! My fave! Pair em’ with fresh salsa and I’m in road trip heaven.
10. Our laptop for lots o’ blogging from the road! I mean if we stop to see the world’s biggest ball of string, you’re going to WANT to see that, right??
11. I’m finishing up John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and will definitely bring a few copies with me on the tour!
12. Fact: I pretty much live in my Uggs from November to April. I’m not sure what kind of winter you folks down in TX get, but I fully intend on wearing them anyway!
13. And finally, every good road trip needs a snuggly blanket to curl up under and watch the miles pass by. From Pottery Barn

What’s that you say?? You didn’t read this post just to find out what’s in my bag or what kind of chips I eat? You were looking for some OTHER exciting news? Hmmmm….what could that be? :)

Oh yea, how about that the dates are finally SET for the tour?? How bout that? Would that be exciting?? And that I’m about to TELL you what they are….what’s that you say, SUPER exciting?? I agree!!

We’ll be kicking everything off in our own backyard: Beantown, aka Boston on January 5th!

Spread the Love Boston: January 5th
Spread the Love NYC: January 6th
Spread the Love DC: January 7th
Spread the Love Richmond: January 8th

***We’ll be heading to Nashville here to be in town for Imaging/DWF. For any of you guys that are planning on coming to Imaging and can’t make any of the other stops (or just want to come twice!!) we’ve planned the Nashville stop to be the day after the conferences end, just for you!! Well….and all the Nashville people! :)

Spread the Love Nashville: January 14th
Spread the Love Charlotte: January 15th
Spread the Love Atlanta: January 18th
Spread the Love Jacksonville: January 19th
Spread the Love Houston: January 22nd
Spread the Love Austin: January 25th
Spread the Love Dallas: January 26th
Spread the Love Phoenix: February 2nd
Spread the Love San Diego: February 4th
Spread the Love LA: February 5th
Spread the Love San Fran: February 8th
Spread the Love Seattle: February 11th
Spread the Love Salt Lake City: February 15th
Spread the Love Denver: February 17th
Spread the Love Kansas City: February 19th
Spread the Love Chicago: February 22nd

***We’ll be taking a break here to get ready for WPPI 2010 where we will be speaking for the very first time! Bleh….I feel like throwing up already!! :) :) And then we will wrap up the tour after WPPI with our Maine stop, when hopefully it will be a little warmer up that way!

Spread the Love Maine: March 24th

Ok, so now are you ready for the REALLY exciting news? No, the reea-heh-heaaaaally exciting news? Well, here ya go! We are going to be having a one-day, count em ONE DAY only pre-sale on seats this friday, Black Friday!! And for that ONE day only you can grab up your seat for just $50. Yep, 5-0. The seats will normally be three times that so this is definitely the day to do it if you know you wanna go!!

The number crunchers (cause see I am definitely NOT a number cruncher!) tell me that in order for us to basically break even on any given stop we will need 50 confirmed sign ups to keep that city on the tour. Otherwise we will have to cancel it or absorb it into another stop. Which I do NOT want to do!! Because I want the chance to meet & hug every single one of you in all TWENTY-ONE cities!

So…..I’m asking for your help.

See we want this to be a grass roots tour. A homegrown tour. Basically, we want this to be YOUR tour. So I want to know….will you go out and spread the word for us the way you did with the twitter contest? (You’re amazing by the way and we LOVE you for doing that!!) Will you twitter, facebook & blog the heck out of it until everyone you know knows about the Black Friday sale? Will you ask people to come with you (remember you don’t have to be a photographer to attend!) and really go to bat for your city and this tour? Will you help me so that come Saturday morning, we can tell the number crunchers to go stick it because all TWENTY ONE cities are making it on this tour, thank you very much and we don’t NEED their calculators any more?

Will you help me?

Will you spread the word?

So we can Spread the Love.

** For everyone who blog, facebooks or twitters (shoot us an email saying that you did!) you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE seat to the Spread the Love of your choice. We’ll be giving away a bunch of em, so get to typing!! We can’t wait to see you!!

So much love,

  1. lyndsay hyatt-almeida

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so excited. i want to go to the jacksonville one sooo bad!

    i tweeted: :)

  2. michelle Sidles

    Tweeting It!

    Twitter ID: michellesidles

  3. Feuza

    Just RT, I can not believe you are doing all those cities! wow, rest up~ looking forward to it, will it be different than last years? or I mean this year cause it was in January-

  4. MM

    @Feuza: it will be different. Same principles, but expanding on those with all new material from this last year!

  5. Tasha Prescott

    I will see you in Charlotte! WOOOHOOO! Going to blog about it in a few and of course off to TWITTER it goes! YAY! I am EXCITED!

  6. Amanda

    Very cool! Thinking of hitting up Nashville… Where will we be able to purchase tickets on Black Friday, and do you know the actual location in Nashville (or other cities) yet? (for hotel booking reason)

  7. kymberli q.

    Wow…that Black Friday sale is a deal!! Did I miss a post…what exactly will your tour cover? Thanks in advance!!

  8. Marissa Rodriguez

    This is great! Well, for sure you can count TWO seats already taken for San Diego, my hubby and I are not going to miss this! :) I’ll definitely be twittering/FBing about this! :)

  9. MM

    @Amanda: You can come right back here on Friday for the tickets! The locations aren’t finalized but it will be somewhere very accessible from downtown Nashville. Hope to see you there!

  10. Nicole Glenn

    Eeeeeek! I am so at the San Diego workshop!!! Can’t waiiiiittttt!

  11. imthiaz houseman

    SWEET! now i have to decide where to see you guys. i know the obvious choice would be denver…but nashville sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

  12. MM

    @Kymberli Q: Spread the Love is a LIFE workshop in the sense that it is all about building a business that works for you so you can get back to having a life again! :) We cover a LOT in this one day session: marketing, branding, momentum building, creating systems that stick, finances, relationships, taking care of yourself and so much more! You can read more here:

  13. Jil

    facebook-ed! … (insert andy bernard exclamation here). very cool guys :o)

  14. Jessica Smith

    WOO! see you in Virginia!! :0)

  15. Tira J

    Oooooooo!!!!! this is all so GREAT! so glad you guys are coming to LA in February! I will be at Imaging USA from Saturday to Wednesday. I HOPE I can connect with you there! Yay! I just bought the coolest jacket yesterday to bring to Nashville! Off to Spread the Love!

  16. Heather Hagler

    Stacy’s Pita Chips + Boursin Garlic and Herb Cheese = Heaven

  17. Diandra

    I soooooo want to go to this! I twittered… I suppose I email you that I did that. Anyway, how exciting! :)

  18. Emily Beaty

    Oh I LOVE Beauty Rush lip gloss!!! It’s my all time fave! :) We’re really considering Kansas City… hope it works out for us b/c we would LOVE to meet y’all!

  19. Nicole Benitez

    So excited!! DC and Richmond!! Yaaaaaa’aaaaaaayyyyy!

  20. Deyla Huss Photography

    Im stoked your coming to Seattle!!! I will be tweeting and FB’ng it as well!! Woot woot!

  21. Catlin Humes

    Tweeted this page! I may be able to stay an extra night in Nashville to attend. That would be awesome!

  22. jackie g. photog

    i’m in dallas!!! whoo hoo! where do i find out more details on the workshop??

  23. Molly Ferguson

    Spreading the love on Spreading the Love all over Facebook and Twitter! Thinking about attending in NYC! :)

  24. Courtney

    Yea for San Francisco!!! I’ll ‘spread the love’ for ya!

  25. Kia Gregory


  26. Katie Jane Parker

    So glad you’re coming to NYC! I will definitely be there!

  27. samantha

    thank you for your sweet comment, i absolutely love your work. you have a new follower!

  28. Chelsea McGowan

    Done and done! I’ll be online early-squirrely on Friday to make sure the Baby Bump and I will be front and center when you’re in Dallas!

  29. Simone

    yay! You’re coming to Seattle! I’m really, really hoping I can make it to this one. What a great christmas present that would be!
    p.s I tweeted and will pass along the info on the blog tonight!

  30. Lydia

    I tweeted your announcement before I even read the part about the drawing. That’s how much I love you guys!

  31. Scarlett Lillian

    Awwww poo, I won’t be in town when you are in Jacksonville! Darn! But let me know if you need any help promoting it!

  32. Chris+Lynn

    what?! No Canadian dates on the Spread the Love tour? :( Looks like an amazing exciting journey – congrats to you both and to all your attendees who will get to learn from the awesomeness of J+M!

  33. Catie Ronquillo

    Yay! So excited for you guys to hit the big D! I was so happy to meet you both at PartnerCon. Your talk rocked my socks and I’m sure your WPPI talk will be just as if not MORE awesome!!! :) PS. I tweeted and Facebooked your Black Friday Bonanza Sale!

  34. Julia

    So apparently I didn’t read this little post carefully enough the first time around! #7?!? Miss Mary, you wouldn’t!!!

  35. Julia

    … would you?!? *gulp*

  36. Katelyn James

    Oh of course we’ll spread the word! this is so exciting! I hope to see you in VA!

  37. Gladys Jem

    NOOO! My first day at my internship starts on February 8th. I’m sad I can’t feel the love here in SF. But I’m sure i’ll feel it that day in spirit :)

  38. Brandi Lee

    Just added you to facebook and my blog! So excited you are coming to Charlotte and hope to attend your workshop. I love your work and you sound like the most genuine of people!

  39. Meghan Stewart

    Just facebooked all my photog friends in Jax to sign up on Friday. I’m super excited and can hardly wait. See you in January. :)

  40. Candice & Daniel {The Beautiful Mess}

    So we are tweeting, fb & blogging the heck out of this :) we posted this morning about it! looking forward to your Charlotte stop!

  41. Samantha Harkins

    You do like to sing in the car. I keep thinking of all the times we listened to Jay-Z’s "Can I Getta" on the way back from Vermont…

  42. MM

    @Samantha: LOL!!! OMG!! you. just. went. there. :) :)

    love u!

  43. Dana

    Sounds so awesome! Hope to see you guys in Charlotte! :)

  44. Dana

    Sounds so awesome! Hope to see you guys in Charlotte! :)

  45. Cortney

    I can’t wait to hear you guys speak!! How do I purchase a Boston spot on Friday?

  46. Jen Schleicher

    I was wondering what the estimated start/end time of the workshop is? Is it an all day workshop? So excited!

  47. Chelsea Nicole

    Sounds like a FANTASTIC excuse to drive out to LA for a weekend. :-) Looking forward to see you guys!

  48. Jenn Hopkins

    SO EXCITED! I cannot believe Jax made it on your list!!! Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait! I twittered all about it!

  49. Jess

    You can count on me seeing you in San Francisco. It’s been crazy so I haven’t been up-to-date with your blog but I’m catching up today!

  50. nancy m

    tweeting it! my id @nancy_mitchell…how exciting! saw you guys in NOLA and you ROCKED!

  51. karen (Mikols) Bonar

    just tweeted you this morning. :)

  52. Sue McFarland

    I have Tweeted and hope to win a seat since I was out of town when the Black Friday special was offered :( Good luck on the tour!!!

  53. amy little

    I twatted…. :) @amylittlephotog

    can’t wait!!!

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