December 31, 2012

Announcing: The What’s Next Locations & FAQ’s (Part I)

Good morning friends & Happy New Year’s Eve!

I know this is the time of year when we all get really serious about how we’re going to make next year better than this one was. Whether this year was a real struggle for you & you’re determined to make drastic changes in 2013 to create a better life, or you made a lot of big things happen this year and you’re just looking to kick it up a notch next year….my hope is that every wish, dream, hope, whisper of a chance, and big HAIRY audacious goal you set for yourself comes true!

And if you’re looking for a little kick in the pants to help make that happen, that’s exactly the work we’ll be doing on The What’s Next Tour. This morning I posed this on Facebook:

It’s New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is 2013. If you’re ready to make this the year you actually DO something about those really big dreams, if you’re ready to punch fear in the face and say this is what I want for my life, if you don’t want to look back at the end of 2013 and see yet another year gone by without you moving forward….then do this for yourself. This is the time. Join us at The What’s Next Tour ( ), where we will all get a good healthy shove out of our comfort zone, get serious about what it is we want, and create a clear next action plan for getting there. Would LOVE to have you join us!

As we’ve been talking about What’s Next, some frequently asked questions have come up. So we thought we’d take a chance to answer them for everybody, as well as announce our locations for each of the 10 cities we’ll be coming to! Since that’s a lot of info, we decided to break it up into two parts. So we’ll announce the first 5 today, and the next 5 later in the week. Here we go!

The Charlotte Location: The Fillmore

Ann: Do you have to be a wedding photographer to attend or does it apply to portrait photographers as well?
Both mine & Justin’s class definitely apply to both! Although we’ll be giving some examples based in our experience of having a wedding photography business, either class really applies to both types of photographers. If you’re ready to kick up either your goals & business OR your understanding of lighting in 2013, What’s Next is for you!

The Nashville Location: Events on 3rd

Tom: Are there discounts for couples?
There aren’t specific discounts for couples, but the good news is that if you have a discount code you can apply it to BOTH of your tickets!!

The Dallas Location: The Nuvo Room

Sarah: Are there any discount codes we should know about?
Definitely! There are actually several codes floating around out there….one that you can use right now is “mytime” that will get you $50 off your full day seat! But you should definitely check out our sponsors like PASS, The Music Bed, Undfind & Adorama for some extra special codes that they have! :)

The Indianapolis Location: The Mavris

Erin: Do you have to be a photographer to attend What’s Next?
For my class, not at all!! My portion of the day is for ANY creative small business owner who is ready to set crazy BIG goals in 2013…and then blow those out of the water! It’s for anyone who wants to have a new fighting plan for marketing in the world we’re in right now. And it’s for anyone who tired of settling for average in this thing that used to be their dream! If you’re not a photographer, you probably don’t want to sign up for Justin’s lighting class :) But I’m sure he’d make you feel right at home if you do!

The Kansas City Location: The Vox Theater

Joey (my BFF): by bus you mean TOUR bus, like Taylor Swift style? Are you going to learn to play the guitar too?
We ARE taking the PASS/Showit tour bus on the tour, mostly because it means that we can travel through the night and only be on the road for 3 weeks instead of 6. That’s the main reason. But also let’s be real….how many times in life do you get the chance to go live on your own tour bus for three weeks?? Total bucket list item & definitely a story for the grandkids. So when the opportunity came up thanks to the awesome folks at Showit & PASS…we were down for the adventure!

Here’s to living crazy big, grandkid-telling worthy adventures in 2013! We hope that you’ll join us!

  1. Karen

    Is there a Vox Theater in KC, MO? Or is it the one in KCK? Just trying to figure out logistics! :) If it’s in Ks, that’d totally rock my socks off. I won’t get as lost. ;)

  2. MartaV

    But, what I really want to know, Does Cooper get to ride the bus? Now that would be fun photos. :)

  3. Jenn

    This was totally what I needed today. I’ve been debating for a week now. But I just purchased. YAY! See you next week and Happy New Year! :)

  4. ashley barnett

    Woooo! CAN’T WAIT! :) These venues are the bomb!

  5. Minh

    Those locations look amazing! I can’t wait for you to announce the Washington DC one… I’ll see you there!

  6. Justine

    Oh My Goodness! The Dallas location is incredible! You two picks some great places:)

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