January 3, 2013

Announcing: The What’s Next Locations & FAQ’s (Part II)

Good morning friends!

We are back with Part II of announcing our What’s Next Tour locations & FAQ’s!

As I write this, Justin & I are actually down in Orlando because we made a quick down & back trip to hang out with our WPPI deserving soldier winners- Sonya, Steven & baby Grace- and do a shoot of them at Disney World yesterday before we head out for the tour this weekend. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this crazy amazing life, one where two days in to 2013 we get to fly down to Disney for our “job”, run into one of my all time heroes Lou Holtz in the airport, and then gear up to go on this crazy cross-country adventure….all in the first week. I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a dream. A blurry, blurry dream for sure….but a DREAM nonetheless.

Here’s to 2013….one where we ALL dream big dreams, but DO even bigger!
“The world is lousy with dreamers. Doers? They’re rare. They’re the ones who will actually change the world.” ~ Jon Acuff

The DC Location: The Fillmore

Betsy: We are SO excited to come! A lot of our friends are really interested in coming too & they were wondering if you could talk a little bit more about what the content will be. What all with you be covering?

Definitely! Justin’s part of the talk is pretty straight forward….he is going to be talking all things lighting! He’ll start with how we think about light in general, including natural light and the “Why” behind how we use it. Then he’ll use that as a foundation to build on as he adds in on camera flash, off camera flash with our “one- light” set up, multiple-light set ups, and our more advanced “editorial” set ups. All with one goal: to get you comfortable with your lighting, and- who knows- maybe even falling in love a little with your flash! :)

My part of the day is a little more conceptual (we aren’t going to be talking camera settings & photoshop actions), so that’s probably more of what they were asking about. My part of the day is going to go like this. First, we’re going to take a hard look as what’s not working anymore, including what’s stopping you from doing the things you really want to do. We’re going to talk about fear, procrastination, rejection, criticism, being overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, being so busy just maintaining your business that you never get around to actually growing it….and then more importantly, we’re going to talk about how to start overcoming all that. We’ll move into all the things you can do to start maintaining your business in the most hyper-efficient way possible (eliminating bottlenecks, maximizing outputs for inputs, forward planning, getting things done, freeing up your internal RAM, getting it off your mind, tackling your to-do list in a way that you know things are actually getting taken care of, and getting you to a place where you can carve out that time to work on the BIG things. Amen.) From there, once we’ve tackled maintaining, we’ll move on to growing. First talking about What’s Next in your business, then challenging you to do what you’re really called to do with What’s Next in your World.

In What’s Next for your business we’ll talk about things like why “personality” marketing isn’t working anymore, what clients are really looking for, how to get back to a servant’s heart for your clients, what the real definition of branding should be, how to tell a story you can be proud of by building a foundation on character not celebrity, and how to build a “lunatic fringe” type following around it so that your followers take up arms to build your business right alongside you. We’ll challenge you to take your work to the next level, building on the idea that 60 years from now it won’t matter what kind of coffee we drank or how cute our dog is (and let’s face it, he’s pretty darn cute!) but what our commitment to the craft and telling real, honest stories was. After that in What’s Next for your world, we’ll challenge you to step up to the real work that you’re called to do in moving from just a career to a calling. The work that’s bigger than yourself and will leave something behind long after you’re gone.

I hope this gives you & your friends an idea of what’s in store! We’d LOVE to see all of you there!

The NYC Location: 320 Studios

MartaV: But, what I really want to know, Does Cooper get to ride the bus? Now that would be fun photos. :)
He does! We had originally planned to bring him for the whole trip, but then we decided that might be a bit much for such a big dog. But we are going to be meeting up with him during the NYC stop and he’ll go with us from there! He’s already told me he wants white roses & oatmeal doggie biscuits in his state room….such a diva! :)

The Phoenix Location: Legend City Studios

Jessica: How early should we get there? What time is registration?
The doors open at 1pm for registration, followed by a meet & greet complete with a few killer surprises we’ve been working on like crazy for you guys! There will also be a swanky mix & mingle between my class & Justin’s class from 6:30 to 7:30 for all attendees. So any of you guys who just signed up for the lighting portion of the day should definitely feel free to come join us for that as well!

The LA Location: Box Eight

Elizabeth: How late does everything go? Gotta plan the babysitting & all that! :)
If you’re coming to both classes, the whole day winds up around 10/10:30 so plan for child care until then so you don’t have to tag out early! But if you’re just coming to my class, that will end at 6:30 followed by the cocktail hour mix & mingle.

Linda: Ok, that soldier in the snow picture!! HOW did you guys light that?
Ahhh great question!! And Justin is actually going to be breaking it all down in his lighting class, including what set up we used and what the ambient was doing and how we balanced that.

The Orlando Location: The Abbey

One last question!
Me: Are we absolutely CRAZY for doing this???
Justin: yea, probably. But to be honest, I would rather look back on our lives and say we were crazy & adventurous than that we were always safe, but full of regret.

Happy Thursday you guys!

***PS: If you’d like to join us & haven’t signed up, you can use the code “mytime” for $50 off your full day seat by going HERE. Because really, it IS your time. Let’s rock it out friends!

  1. Abby Grace

    Gaaaah the Fillmore is so awesome!! I can’t WAIT to see you guys and listen to you rock my world again!

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    So very excited for all of this!!!!! Can’t wait to see you’ll.

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    so excited & cannot wait!!! happy new year ;)

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    Woohoo Orlando! Can’t wait for it!

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    GAH I love the FILMORE!!!!!!! I can’t wait! It is right by my house, and my day job at Discovery channel! I can’t wait for you guys to be here!!! YAY DC!

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    We are so excited! I will be at the day portion and then we will switch out as babysitter and hubby will be at Justin’s portion in Dallas. We are so ridiculously excited guys!

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