October 14, 2014

Announcing the What’s Next Sessions!!

One of the things that we have come to love the most about the teaching side of our business is that we have gotten the chance (and honestly the complete honor) to see other photographers really grow and reach new level after new level over the past few years. I think what’s been one of the coolest things about all of this is that people are very rarely ever just doing one thing with us (which we know as teachers is one of the absolute highest compliments we could ever get & we’re SO grateful for that). They might start with a lighting workshop, but then they are coming back for a mentoring session or to attend a Walk Through. And a lot of times, we’re seeing people even come back and take a lighting intensive again or to do a second repeat of Walk Through. Because what happens is that they are taking away something different from it each time they do it, and both of those workshops just have SO much information in them that they can really grow with people over time as they are reaching different levels in their photography & businesses. So what that means, is that we might have first met some of these photographers four or five years ago when they were first getting started, but we have gotten the chance to keep track with them and watch their businesses absolutely explode over time. It has been amazing to watch! And honestly, it makes those six & twelve hour days at the workshops SO worth it!

So that got us thinking that it would be so awesome to have a type of session devoted just to those alums who are ready to take it (whatever “it” might be for them at the moment!) to the next level! A type of one hour power session they could do with us for a focused, intense brainstorming session on whatever their next BIG What’s Next is for them, whether that be something with their business, brand, lighting, pricing, positioning, teaching, going full time, bringing on associates, starting a second business, or whatever crazy, amazing things they are dreaming up next! This would be a session that can be done over Skype, so they don’t have to travel to CT again and can be very specific to whatever level they are ready to work on next! And with that, the “What’s Next Sessions” were born!

**The What’s Next Sessions will be $350 for a one-hour power mentoring session done over Skype (or can be in person if you’re local!) and can be about whatever specific, unique to you & where you are topics that you want! These sessions are limited to our J&M alums, and you must have done a prior workshop or mentoring session with us to be eligible. We are going to start by opening up six sessions for the rest of the year & to be one of the first six click HERE to reserve your spot!!

And speaking of power alums, our two most recent mentoring sessions were ones we got to do with photographers we have been SO lucky to watch do amazing things the past few years! Kerri first came to a J&M Lighting Intensive and then the What’s Next One Day Getaway we did last winter, and I can tell you this girl is ready to set the world on fire! I LOVED the things that were on her heart at her session, and I can already tell that so many people’s lives are going to be impacted by the work she is doing! And Amy has taken two Lighting Intensives with us and is now traveling the world shooting for Richard Branson! We obviously don’t take credit for that :) but I know that whatever he throws at her, this girl is definitely going to know how to light it! When we sat down with her, she told us about some HUGE big, hairy audacious dreams for where she wants this business of hers to go. And so we went to work, together, and came up with ten next steps to get her there. So much about chasing a big scary dream is about putting it into actionable next steps….and we LOVE helping people do just that!

If you have a big, scary dream that you are tired of waiting on, we would love to be the ones to give you that next BIG healthy shove into action!

Let’s do this,

  1. Abby Grace

    This is SUCH a good idea! You guys have such a gift for teaching other photographers, I love that this is an opportunity for folks to come back for even more focused time with y’all.

  2. Kerri Lynne

    Mary and Justin, THANK YOU THANK YOU! I appreciate spending this day with you more than you know, and I’ll never forget it. You have hearts of gold and I’m so grateful to know you!

  3. Dan Ward Photography

    These are awesome shots! Keep it up :)

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