February 16, 2014

Announcing: Two New Walk Through Dates & More!!

Whew, is this an exciting day!!!

Because today we are announcing our next not just one, but TWO Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M Workshops!! These will be our ONLY two Walk Throughs in the continental US for the rest of the year, so we wanted to announce them at the same time so everyone has a chance to get into the date of their choice! They will take place at our home in New Haven, CT on May 13-14th, 2014 & November 5-6th, 2014!!!

We also decided to change things up a bit this time around! In the past we have done two full (and I mean FULL, like 12 hour days each!) days of teaching, the first being all the ins & outs of shooting a wedding and the second being all the ins & outs of running the business side. And it was a LOT of information. A LOT! In fact, we cover SOOO much information on Day 1 just with all of the lighting, posing, settings, and running a wedding day that we talk about, that I felt like people’s brains had reached the point of saturation by the time we got to Day 2. I’m not going to lie, around 5 or 6pm on Day 2 I always feel like I’m KILLING people with all my marketing & branding talk! And you guys know, I could talk about that for DAYS! :)

So we decided to divide them up! To let people come in & really focus in on just learning & understanding one side of things really well, and then once their brains recover :) they could always come back if they wanted for one of our “What’s Next One-Day Getaways” to talk about the business side of things. Because we do truly believe that both sides are important! It’s just a LOT to learn in two back to back days! That being said, we didn’t want to skip over the business side of things completely so what we’ve done is design the new Walk Through to look like this:

Day 1: A FULL day (9am to 9pm) of walking through step by step all the ins & outs of shooting a wedding including lighting, posing, the getting ready, running the family portraits, shooting the reception details, shooting in dark churches, shooting in a time crunch, getting authentic couple portraits, shooting in harsh light, shooting with uplighting, shooting sparkler send offs & more. Basically everything that goes into actually shooting a wedding. {$1000}

Day 2: {Optional add-on Q&A w/ J&M Brunch} For those who want to, we will be gathering back at our place the next morning around 11am to talk post-processing, creating a signature style, do portfolio & branding reviews, and have a 2-hr open Q&A as a group on anything you guys want to talk about. We will also be doing mini-headshots for those who opt to come to the brunch! {$250}

We are SO excited for this new format & we can’t WAIT to open up our house to two groups of 12 new friends!

To reserve your seat just click HERE:
Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M – New Haven – May 13-14 2014
Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M – New Haven – November 5-6, 2014

We are also SUPER excited to announce TWO new cities & dates for our J&M Lighting Intensive and The Art of Authentic Posing: Denver, & Seattle!!! Just scroll down to see the dates!! And TODAY when you add on both workshops together, you can grab $150 off using the code “JM150”!!

To reserve your seat just click HERE:
J&M Lighting Intensive – Denver, CO on April 5th

J&M Lighting Intensive – Seattle, WA on July 8, 2014

To reserve your seat just click HERE:
J&M’s Art of Authentic Posing – Denver, CO- April 6. 2014

And grab your copy of J&M’s e-book The Guide for just $99 (normally $150) by clicking HERE:

  1. Jessica

    I’m having trouble adding both the Lighting Intensive & Posing Workshop together. Is there an easy way? Thanks!

  2. Melisa Draper

    I can’t seem to add both lighting and posing :(

  3. MM

    Ooooh sorry about that guys!!! If you just go ahead & sign up for them separately we will refund the $150!!


  4. Brooke

    I am SO excited that you are coming to Denver, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it on those dates. :( April is an insane month for me. Are you doing a dinner or anything while you’re here? :)

  5. Amy Jensen

    I’m very interested in Anatomy of the Reverse Sell.

    Could you tell me if there is a link to read more information on the book – something that will tell me a little bit more about what’s inside?



  6. Amy Jensen

    Just downloaded The Guide. Mama mia … just taking a peek at it and it’s UNBELIEVABLE! Not only visually gorgeous but so much amazing information, presented so lovely (and clearly)! So glad I made the investment! Keep it up you two!


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