March 5, 2012

Announcing…Walk Through AUSTRALIA!!

He looked at me over our sweet potato burritos and said, Seriously.


You’re seriously going to do this.

*Sweet wifely smile.* Do what?

You’re SERIOUSLY going to photoshop our heads with kangaroos….and Crocodile Dundee??

*long, thoughtful pause while picking up butter knife.*

That’s not a knife. THIS is a knife.

So yes, it’s true. When I was thinking of how to announce this post I had visions of me riding piggy back on a kangaroo running through my head. And Mick Dundee walking down dark alley way streets with us. I can’t help it, I’m excited. And excited people do crazy things. Like misuse photoshop.

A little over a month ago, we attended the “What If” Conference in Mexico, where we met our two of our new best friends in the world (literally) Janine & Lauren. In those four days, the four of us became instant friends-sharing dreams, laughing a ton, and bonding over Mars bars and Pringles potato chips. Pringles are universal, my friends. On the last day, we sat poolside and dreamed our biggest dreams. Janine said something to the effect of hey, you should come to Australia and do a Walk Through. And I guess we said something along the lines of ok! Because four weeks and a flurry of planning emails back and forth later, we are ready to announce not one, but TWO Austrailia Walk Throughs!!

(As you can see, we compromised and I just photoshopped us on top of the world. Which is pretty much how I’m feeling right about now. I promise we’re not this tall in real life)

The Australia Walk Through dates are as follows:

Walk Through Sydney: May 10-11th
Walk Through Brisbane: May 15-16th

The seats will officially go on sale tomorrow night at 5pm EST in America, which if my math is right is 9am Wednesday morning in Sydney, and will be available on the Walk Through website HERE.

But we’re also doing something extra special: for anyone who facebooks, tweets AND blogs in the next two days that we’re bringing Walk Through down unda and does a post on why YOU wanna come, just shoot us an email with those links and we’re going to pick one lucky winner for each city to receive a FREE seat. Plus to everyone who enters, we’ll send you a code for over $200 off your seat to either one of the Australia stops! It doesn’t get much better than that! :)

We can’t wait to see you there! Where we’ll throw another shrimp on the barbie! :)
So much love,

And PS: can we just give it up for the two girls who got this whole crazy adventure started?? We love you Lauren & Janine!!

  1. Lauren

    Woooohoooo!! I am SO excited! Can’t wait to see you both again…I’m counting down.

  2. Dan O'Day

    woo hoo! C’mon down :) – So glad you guys are coming on over, hopefully we will get to catch up for a beer and a "shrimp" while you are here :) – travel safe xx

  3. Emilia Jane

    I am so excited for you all!!!

  4. Lexi

    zounds…that’s so cool!! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. :)

  5. Katie Jane

    This is amazing!! I think one of the things I most admire about you guys is that when it comes to chasing your dreams, you two don’t just talk the talk. You get out there and DO. And you inspire me to DO everyday. I can’t wait to read all about your journey to Australia!!

  6. Stephanie Stewart

    So exciting!!! And now I have that song stuck in my head! :)

    Cannot wait to hear all about your adventures Down Under!

  7. Elizabeth

    ahhhh!!! so awesome!!!!

  8. Christa

    That’s so awesome. It’ll be such a great experience :)

  9. Robyn W

    we love Janine too, have facebooked this

    X-ing fingers

  10. ami

    WOW!! That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, hope you guys have a great time!

  11. Suze Symon

    OMG, what an amazing, exciting piece of news! I have just started shooting weddings and would find something like this SO beneficial!!
    For those of us who are desperate to come and enter, but don’t have a blog, is posting on our business FB page an acceptable alternative as long as we fb on our personal page and tweet it also?

  12. MM

    @Suze: that works!! :)

  13. Amanda Truth

    WHAT!!!! You guys just brought fabulous to a WHOOOOOOOLE new level!! You’re rocking my world so hard I about just had a panic attack!! Starting that blog post now :)

  14. Gabby / En Route Photography

    COME TO EUROPE!!!!! I´d probably cry when I see you though… I warned you!!!

  15. Kare

    How fabulous! Dream big, why not; then make it happen. You guys are the bomb.

  16. Anastasia

    Yessssss!!!!!!!! So very excited, can’t wait for May!!! I have been waiting for this announcement since your online workshop a few months ago. You guys are amazing xxx

  17. Kate

    You two are just too cool. Australia! I can’t wait to see the photos.

  18. Faye Bernoulli

    Mary. I’m barely 5’2". YOU FEEL THAT TALL TO ME. :) Have fun in Australia…I can’t wait to read about/see your journey!

  19. Abby Grace

    This is so so so so so exciting!! Is it weird for me to say that I’m proud of you?

  20. Heidi

    Wow sounds awesome! Would’ve loved to seen you photoshoped onto a kangaroo!!

  21. Shefali Lindsey

    Here’s to dreaming BIGGER and BETTER than you ever imagined! So excited for the two of you!!! xoxo

  22. Isaac Stott

    I love this so much! Seriously so excited for you two!

  23. sharon elizabeth


  24. Girl in the White Dress

    Yay!!! Totally chicken dance worthy!! Can’t wait to meet you!! xx

  25. Catherine Cella

    You two are truly amazing and blessed! I admire people like you who dream big and go for it! Enjoying life to the fullest…the way we all should live! Thanks for always being so inspirational to so many of us. I will enjoy reading your future posts about your trip! Best to ya!

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