August 5, 2013

Any Day

I love that I am most myself when I’m with you.

Somehow, you pull out even more of me than I’ve ever been able to.

If I really about it, I think it’s because you make me feel brave. And it takes a brave, brave thing to be yourself.

I’ll take the me that I am with you over the me that I am by myself any day.

I love that you are a low talker. And most people have to ask you to repeat yourself three times before they hear it right.

And I love that over time I’ve developed “Justin ears” and always hear it right on the very first time.

I’ll take your soft, certain voice over someone who is loud any day.

I love that what we are is not perfect. And it never has to try to be. Because that’s what makes it real.

I love that we disagree. I love that we fight. I love that you’re passionate enough to argue for what you believe in.

Like what kind of kitchen cabinets we should get and that the patina of the bathroom sink faucets always have to match the shower head.

I’ll take our real over someone else’s pretend perfect any day.

I love that you bring me water before I think to ask for it and know what my “usual” is at Starbucks.

I love that you buy me coffee even though you hate the smell of it. Even now that I’ve switched to decaf & you don’t really understand the point of it.

I love that you are a better cook than I am and that you do loads of laundry when I’m not looking.

And I love that you have every kind of tool known to man, and that you’ll work until you have blisters building this life of ours with your own two hands.

I’ll take our “built it ourself” life over any one else’s “had it handed to them” any day.

I love that you let me fall asleep during movies and stay awake so you can tell me the ending.

I love your homemade popcorn.

I love that you get hot in 57 degree heat weather. Because you’re what keeps me warm.

I love that we have nicknames and inside jokes and movie references and this whole other language that no one else will ever understand.

And just so you know, I’ll take any one of our days, full of all the small things that are really the big things, over a lifetime without you….

Well, any day.

***HUGE thanks & photo credit for these amazing pictures go to: Alicia Candelora & Tiffany Farley We will treasure these always.

  1. Megan

    Love this, Mary. Thank you for sharing your real love with us.

  2. ashley barnett

    Ugly crying on a Monday?! Marryyyyyyy!!! :) This is beautiful. And I like Justin’s quite voice too because I know he always has something really awesome to say. Even if I have to hear it twice! :)

  3. Sarah Goodwin

    put me down for the ugly cry on a Monday morning. SO incredibly romantic ;)

  4. Scarlett & Stephen

    I love… you guys! Your love is inspiring to others!

  5. cathy

    so sweet and so romantic :-) and just have to say the pics are beautiful. you two make one adorable couple!

  6. sharon elizabeth

    gonna make the pregnant lady cry over here!!!! love yall

  7. Rici

    Cara Mary! YOu move me to tears! YOu are so wonderful in your poetry!! Thank you for all the passion and love you are letting spill over the lines of your post! Thank you for making me believe again and again. And for pushing me and for encouraging and for just being who you are! Across all the distance and the pixels and the computer screens! And I MEAN it!!!
    I would love to give you a hug!
    So hugs from Germany!
    PS; cara is italian for precious, dear and valuable ;-)
    PPS; the images are gorgeous! They will have to go down on my inspiration wall!!

  8. Sandy

    Wow- I love the fact that you guys are so real. Mary your love for Justin and life is amazing and your talent shines like the sun!

  9. Lea Ciceraro

    This is so so so sweet and amazing. And what stunning photographs to have of the two of you!!!

  10. Alicia Sturdy

    You put words to your love that make me smile, laugh and see in my love that I didn’t know how to say. Thank you for your words <3

  11. Rebecca

    I love the shots of all your happy togetherness. And all of the beautiful words that so often remind me of what I have in my husband that makes every bit of the real beautiful.

  12. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    This is beautiful, Mary. I’ve learned after 18 years of marriage, being real is the only way to be really happy. And as a low talker myself I can’t tell you how nice it is to have someone who hears you the first time, every time :)

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