April 30, 2013

April J&M Mentoring Sessions: Tricia & Josh

I realized the other day that Justin & I have been doing mentoring sessions for other photographers and small business owners for about six years now. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long, but I think we did our first session as part of the Thirst Relief charity auction in 2007 out at WPPI. And then a couple of years ago, we started offering them monthly as part of our education side of the business along with the Walk Through a Wedding workshop & The J&M Lighting Intensive.

For the longest time on mentoring session day, we would open up 2-3 spots and each person would come in for their 2 hour session and then head back home to get to work on all that we had talked about. But not too long ago we were talking to our good friend, Katelyn James, about the way that she runs her coaching sessions and I just really fell in love with the format that she came up with. What she does is a session in the morning, then grabs lunch & a few headshots with both attendees together, and then the second session in the afternoon. What I loved about that, was that it gave the attendees a chance to meet each other and go home with an ally/sounding board/accountability partner who was also working on some big goals and could really relate. And I also loved that the lunch & head shots both added value to the day and made for a full day experience for everyone who signed up!

So we decided to take that model and adapt it a bit for our purposes! So now the way our mentoring sessions will work is this: Each mentoring session day will have two spots- a 10am & a 2:30pm. We will do the morning session, meet up with the person who signed up for the afternoon session and the four of us will grab lunch, go back & do the afternoon session, and then the morning person will meet back up with us in the evening so we can do a mini-headshot session for each of them when the light is getting really good. We just did our first day based on this new model with our new mentees Tricia McCormack & Josh Guiles, and I have to say…I LOVED it! We really got to take our time with the sessions, we had an awesome lunch where we did more talking with the four of us, at the end of the sessions the four of us just sat out and had a glass of wine while we waited on the light to get really good, and then we headed out for the head shots. It was a full, amazing day and by the end of it, I really felt like we had two new friends.

It’s always so cool to see how different the sessions can be & still have a lot in common. Tricia’s was more about talking about branding & advanced lighting. While Josh was there more for marketing & posing. But it was so awesome to see how they were pushing each other & helping each other over lunch. Also, one of the things I was a little worried about was that break for the morning person while we did the afternoon session, but Tricia was able to use that time to go do a bit of shopping and grab this killer Kate Spade dress that really fit the brand we had just talked about for her, so she had it in her head shots. It really worked out great!

I am SO excited about both of these guys & what they have planned for their businesses and their markets now!! I’m expecting big, BIG things out of both of them!

So without further ado…Meet Tricia & Josh!

Our next May mentoring sessions day will be on May 29th! The spots are $850 each and include a 2.5 hour mentoring session on whatever you want to talk about, lunch, and a mini-headshot shoot with us!! If you want to grab one of the two May spots, email justin@justinmarantz.com as soon as possible! And if you want to check out more on Katelyn’s coaching which we highly recommend, just click HERE!

  1. Abby Grace

    I LOVE that you’ve switched up the format to allow the photographers to meet! I never thought of it in the sense that they leave with a new friend/ally, but that makes complete sense. I love watching you and Justin impact other photographers in amazing ways!

  2. Tricia

    Mary & Justin – I love these! I loved the whole day & this is the icing on the cake. What’s best is that it’s easy to see my genuine expression while having a great time and that’s because YOU two can so easily bring that out in people. Thank you so much for listening, mentoring and a wonderful day spent with friends. XO Tricia

  3. Josh

    What a great day of learning and hanging out with everyone. My brain is still full from all the great info I gained. Photos came out awesome! Thanks again!!

  4. Gabrielle Halle

    Congrats on your session, Josh and Tricia! Love the pic of Tricia in her coat looking up – definitely a favorite!

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