April 9, 2014

April Mentoring (Part I)

We just got back from an awesome, whirlwind trip to Denver! We were there to do an engagement shoot for one of our incredible J&M couples (more on that to come!), but since we were already making the trip we decided to add on a couple of workshops and a day of mentoring sessions. While we were there, we were so lucky to get to spend the day with two amazing photographers who are ready to take their businesses to the next level: Rachel Gomez & Kathryn Dokter!! I LOVED sitting down with these two and hearing their hearts for where they want their work & their businesses to go. And I am SO excited for this new season for each of them! A season of making BIG things happen and building up crazy momentum, and most of all creating work that sets their hearts on fire and is exactly the kind of work they want to be shooting!

I think when we try by ourselves to figure out how to make these BIG dreams happen, it’s really easy to get stuck. And that’s why we LOVE mentoring so much! Because we can be the ones to help people get un-stuck! We are able to sit down with people & push them on the hard things, ask the tough questions, and come up with ideas together that they wouldn’t have thought of alone. In particular, we really love sitting down & helping people whose bookings might not be where they should be for this year or next, or who are having a really hard time getting people to value their work at higher prices. I feel like those are two areas that we can really make a big difference, so if that sounds like something you’ve been having trouble with, definitely grab a mentoring spot & we will come up with a “rock it out” next action plan together! We have just ONE spot left in our April Mentoring on April 16th & we are also bridging our June 11th mentoring to Baltimore and have just one spot left for that one too. All the remaining dates are at the bottom of this post, so grab yours before they fill up!


Meet: Rachel Gomez

Meet: Kathryn Dokter

April 4th AM SOLD OUT
April 4th PM SOLD OUT
April 16th AM SOLD OUT
April 16th PM SOLD OUT
May 9th PM
May 29th AM
May 29th PM SOLD OUT
June 11th AM SOLD OUT
June 11th PM SOLD OUT

J&M’s Lighting Intensive- New Haven, CT on May 8, 2014
J&M Lighting Intensive – Seattle, WA on July 8, 2014
Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M – New Haven on November 5-6, 2014

  1. René Tate

    Yay!!! So great to see these!

  2. Lea Ciceraro

    YAY! LOVE Rachel Gomez!!! This makes my heart happy.

  3. Jessica Simons

    Beautiful photographs, and beautiful women! Well done to all.

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