October 12, 2011

Arts Center on Hudson Wedding: Kara & Aaron

Happy Wednesday!!

I know this post is coming pretty late in the day, but there’s a very good reason for that: I just couldn’t narrow this one down!! Kara & Aaron have known each other since high school, so when they decided to go back to their small hometown of Whitehall, NY to say their I do’s I knew this one was going to be something special. And from Kara’s exquisite style to a stop by the old high school football field to some of the sweetest details you’ve ever seen….these two did not disappoint. More than that, they were just really, really happy. All. day. long.

And that makes my heart happy too.

So sit back, relax, put on your letterman’s coat and enjoy.

Married: Kara & Aaron

  1. Gina Meola


  2. Jessica

    LOVE!!! Such gorgeous details! incredible photos!

  3. Patti Abbott

    Thank you Justin & Mary! I did not cry the day of the wedding, but these made me cry – they are just gorgeous! Much love from the mother of the bride

  4. cristina sullivan

    beautiful work as always!!! xoxo

  5. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    totally made me choke up. super sweet! you get an A+ every time!

  6. Jil

    i love the b&w in the locker. so fun and a little naughty! :o)

  7. katie yuen

    i really really love the shots of the guests during the ceremony.. adds so much to the story of the day!!!!!!!!

  8. Kari Jeanne

    Ummm… wow. The colour, the light, the details. Super love. Amazing job!!

  9. Linda Kuo

    Just when I think it can’t get better, I keep scrolling down. Love the necklaces, colors, details of the bridesmaids.

  10. nicole haley

    So, so stunning. And, as someone who married their high school sweetheart, I know they are going to LOVE these photos. Cheers!

  11. Casey Figlewicz

    Beautiful wedding guys!

  12. Girish

    Absolutely brilliant. The b/w’s looks fantastic. Great coverage of the entire wedding and the details as well.

  13. Amanda Driver

    So stunning! I love all of the emotion in the ceremony photos–and the locker shots are TO DIE for! And is it okay to say that this bride is a total babe? Because seriously, she is! They are so cute!

  14. Ray

    So many great photos. This couple is just so cute together. Love the, "Locker Kiss" photo, and the photo of the Bride & Groom showing off their shoes. The details are also wonderful. Especially the "Root Beer" tops and the "Gone With The Wind" frame with the books. ;o)

  15. Heather

    You Guys! These are AWESOME!!!

  16. BONNIE

    The pictures are fabulous! I think we could do away with the one of MOM crying in church .. but other than that they are great! Awesome job J & M.

  17. Abby Grace

    Oh. my. word. This is my favorite wedding yall have posted this year! I love her dress, the black + grey sash, the gorgeous window lighting, the high school hallway images. This inspires me so much- I want nothing more than to go grab my camera, a bride and a groom and to head out to shoot portraits. That window lighting- I die.

  18. Tiffany Converse

    Beautiful, like really. really really…. really

  19. christen barnes

    Gorgeous!!! I could stare at your black and whites for days.

  20. Emily

    I love re-living this amazing night by looking at these pictures! Mary and Justin- you guys are so talented and fun to work with!!

  21. Christie

    SO Beautiful!!!

  22. Linda Atwood

    Beautiful as always!!!

  23. Brooke Summer Photography

    Oh wow I love the darker colors! And the added color around her waist… just beautiful. :)

  24. jenna

    So so pretty! Such an amazing day! So glad we got to celebrate the beginning of your happily ever after. Love you both! The pic of you two at the door in the back of the church is my fav. WHS has some epic love stories <3

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