October 15, 2013

Ashley & Jeremy’s Wedding Recap!!

Happy Tuesday friends!!

So as some of you might have seen if you’re following along on Instagram , this past Saturday we shot the wedding of some of our best friends in the world, Ashley & Jeremy!! It was an incredible day! And even though it rained off and on throughout the day, it always let up right when we needed it to so that we could do their portraits & ceremony outside! Because that’s just the kind of people A&J are….they’re such incredible hearts that even the weather loves them & had to cooperate! :)

So that’s all the great news! Now here’s the news you guys are probably going to kill me for :) Awhile back when we were down in Baltimore, Ashley, Jeremy, Justin & I talked it over and we all decided to hold their wedding off the blog for the chance at having them featured in a national publication that we’ve been talking to. I KNOW right!?! What a buzzkill are we? :) And judging by the number of people who commented on Instagram about not being able to wait to see more from their day, I half imagine this angry mob showing up outside our door and demanding the the cf cards… or blood. In my head they would be armed with card readers & oozies. And for some reason not clear to me, they would also be zombies. Yea, definitely zombies.

Sooooo, all that to say….the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! If you know or have ever seen Ashley & Jeremy, you can just imagine how gorgeous they were. But for now, you’re just going to have to take my word for it. Along with these few behind the scenes sneak peeks from the day!

PS: Please don’t kill me. Or show up as zombies.

Ashley & Jeremy of course looked absolutely GORGEOUS!! Her in a Vera Wang gown & him in Levi’s & a blazer….it was the perfect fit for them! They got married at the STUNNING Silverbrook Farm, and the whole day came together because of one of the most insanely talented, creative, on top of her game & then some, heart of gold, thoughtful, helpful planners we have EVER had the privilege of working with: Missy from Antonia Christianson Events. Add into that dream team mix, the floral GENIUS of Rachel from Floral & Bloom (see a peek of the jaw-dropping bouquet below!) and the day was overflowing with pretty!

Ashley’s partner in crime (and business!) Jen was able to capture this behind the scenes look at us shooting the bridal party!!

We were so so SO incredibly lucky to have the amazing & super talented Abby Grace on hand to second shoot with us (and take over during the dancing so that we could get the Wobble on ourselves!) Abby worked her cute little tail off for us that day and I will never ever forget that! I seriously don’t know what we would have done without her! LOVE you A!

I was so grateful that I was able to work my flights back from Georgia so that we made it there just in time for the rehearsal dinner & really got to enjoy the whole weekend with these guys!! What’s Next Crew in full effect!

Near the end of the reception, A&J pulled us up in front of everybody to announce that our anniversary was the next day & gave us orange juice and chocolate cake. If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you KNOW how huge of a deal that was. I may or may not have ugly cried!

And finally! I’ll end with this picture of our crew all dressed up & together! PS: Ignore mine & Justin’s hair….we’d been out in the rain for a while.

Which was totally, totally worth it.

  1. Lea Ciceraro

    That has to be the MOST spectacular bridal bouquet I have EVER seen. STUNNING! Can’t wait to see all of the ‘real’ pics!!

  2. Katelyn James

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! I mean, Yes! SO excited for them to be featured but I’ve been snooping all weekend to see more pics! haha I’m THAT girl! :) I’m just so excited to see the amazing-ness that you three captured!!! I can’t wait!!! …. but I can. I’ll wait patiently:)

  3. sharon elizabeth

    LOL… i hate and love this post all at the same time!!! DYING to see more — but I reckon I’ll try and be patient =)

  4. Jackie Phillips

    Looks like you two had a fabulous time celebrating with Jeremy and Ashley! P.S. I am totally going to try chocolate cake and orange juice! Sounds Amazing! P.S.S Happy Anniversary!

  5. Liz and Ryan

    Love you guys! <3

  6. rich

    happy anniversary guys! looks like ashley and jeremy’s wedding was amazing!!

  7. Megan

    Oh, you’re killing me! ;) Good luck with your publication!! How awesome! Can you tell us what the sprinkles were for? Ashley posted a picture of sprinkles on her instagram and I keep thinking about them! Sounds crazy, I know!!

  8. Christy Tyler

    I’m gathering the zombie mob and we’re headed your way from Chicago! You’ll have a little time to prepare since zombies move pretty slow & it’s a bit of a trek – but we’re coming for you!!!!

  9. Sabrina

    Love this!! And because you posted this behind the scenes venture, I promise not to show up at your house as a zombie ;-) So thankful you were able to come to P31 AND make it to their rehearsal and wedding. I can only imagine it was a very FULL few days but obviously it was worth it :-) HUGS!

  10. Abby Grace

    It was such a blast being there with you guys on Saturday- I just know you rocked those images out to their absolute fullest (most full?) potential. Crossing my fingers for you that the publication works out… and that you get the front page :).

  11. Natalie

    I can’t wait to see Ashley & Jeremy up on the blog! Sending you both big hugs and wishing you a Happy Belated Anniversary!

  12. ashley + jeremy

    This post fills my little heart up and sends it overflowing! I know just how much went into you guys getting to our rehearsal and wedding and with everything else you have going on, it meant the world to me that you chose to spend your anniversary weekend with us. I’m SO thankful Abby was there to allow you guys some downtime to relax and dance (and rap battle to Shoop, duh!), and even though I’m sad it’s over, I’m fulfilled beyond belief by having our friends, families, and YOU GUYS having been a part of the most joyous day of our life. We love you both so so much!!

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