May 7, 2013

Backyard Engagement Shoot: Ashley & Chris

Good morning!!

This morning when I opened my eyes, no joke, the first thing I thought was that today is the day I get to share Ashley & Chris’s engagement shoot with you! I am absolutely giddy to share this one! We got together with these guys to hang out in their backyard and do a quick engagement shoot before their wedding later this month. We drank some wine, had some bruschetta….and THEN we started shooting. When we walked outside, we saw this little set up with flowers in cool pots and the most amazing purple velvet chair you ever did see. Ashley actually used to be a merchandising stylist for Anthropologie, and she put everything together flawlessly.

Then, the light. Ohhh the glorious LIGHT that absolutely pours through the trees on their property. Which is covered in this incredible green clovery stuff that is the stuff that photography dreams are made of! And then, these two?? Perfection. Ashley also used to be a real legit model (like the fly to Paris, in major ad campaigns kind) so to say that she can work it in front of the camera would be the understatement of the millennium. But what I loved most is that this shoot was truly just about the two of them, and how they love on one another. It wasn’t posey or contrived, just a real, natural beautiful love together. And the two of them doing what they love most: hanging out in their backyard, sipping wine, and sitting in the garden they planted together.

Ashley & Chris, we adore you guys! We can’t wait to see you again in just a few weeks, where we will celebrate the BIG day together!

So much love,

  1. Ashley Scobey

    Obsessed!! Oh my goodness this is beautiful. Just what I needed on a rainy day :) xoxo

  2. Eric F

    DUDE!! These are AMAZING!!! I was going to call one out that was my favorite, but then I quickly realized that there are a bunch of them that I love!! The one of him kissing her with her legs up in the chair is awesome! and the B&W below that is equally amazing!!! You guys rocked this one!

  3. Tiffany Farley

    New. Favorite. So so so stunning.

  4. Lanie Kay

    Ok… this is AMAZINGLY STUNNING!!! Beautiful!

  5. laura marie duncan

    oh my goodness… these are beyond stunning! The light is incredible, and you both still know how to whisper to it…

  6. Sabrina

    So, so, so very beautiful. The light, the location, and their love is simply dreamy!

  7. Gail


    I’ve been SO excited to see this one from the sneak peeks you’ve been sharing! MAGICAL, Mary! Beautiful work you guys!

    Man, I cannot WAIT for their wedding now too! Also, I hope they hire you to do maternity photos for them some day b/c gosh, those would be SO beautiful too!

  8. Dallas

    The light IS amazing. Wow! These photos are phenomenal. And this has to be one of your cutest couples of all time :)

  9. Nikki Santerre

    STUNNING! These are my new favorites of yours, ever!

  10. Cindy Habel


  11. Shauna Ploeger

    This I love! Looks so filmy and beautiful. This is the bomb diggity :)

  12. Christy Tyler

    ARE THESE PEOPLE REAL?! oh my goodness. Just. WOW. Beautiful couple, session, light, photos – all of it!

  13. Alicia Candelora

    Favorite engagement session ever!!! She’s GORGEOUS!

  14. Urška Majer

    One of my fave engagement from you two :) It’s simply stunning! And those chair…gorgeous! Can’t wait to see their big day!

  15. Meredith Sledge

    I’m so in love with these! Best shoot you’ve ever done.

  16. Tiffany Bolk

    SO romantic! I love her dress and I want their backyard! :)

  17. Morgan Wiltshire

    Beautiful images, simply stunning. So soft and romantic with some amazing light! :)

  18. Alli McWhinney

    Gorgeous, so boho chic, I love it!

  19. Rici

    OMG! These two are soooo beautiful together! ANd the images! Oh my! A friggin dream!! they will most certainly go into an inspiration board!!! So beautiful! Love all the details with the chair and her shoes!!! Lovely done you two!! You are such an inspiration!
    ~ Salutiiii.

  20. Tira J

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

  21. Sarajane Case

    I’m IN LOVE with this! I can feel their souls!

  22. Gabrielle Halle

    Aahhhh the B&Ws – just stunning!

  23. Mary Sandoval

    I absolutely love this session!!!! I would love to know where did she buy her dress? Anthropologie?!

  24. Meridith

    Beautiful! I LOVE her dress- where is it from? I think the last one is my favorite.

  25. rich

    these are B E A U T I F U L !!!

  26. Stephanie Stewart

    Oh just stop it!!! So beautiful, the backyard, the chair, that dress…oh, not to mention the stunning couple and that lovely light!!! Cannot wait to see their wedding!

  27. Carissa

    ohmyword. this might be one of my favorite engagement sessions, EVER. the light, her dress, the flowers, their chemistry… WOW.

  28. Ellie Vess

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful setting. I also love her dress.

  29. malika luthra

    oh. em. gee. you guys never cease to amaze me, these are GORGEOUS! they look like the could be straight from the pages of an anthropologie catalog! :)

  30. Brendon Ricart

    Simply beautiful. This is my favorite post of the year!

  31. Jessica Vidmar Photography

    love that light!!!!! gorgeous!!

  32. Emilia Jane

    Oh my gosh so sweet!!

  33. jamie

    what beautiful photographs you captured of the two of them! the last one is my favorite!

  34. Tori Watson

    these are GORGEOUS! and her dress is amazing! love the whole shoot. :)

  35. Girish

    Wonderful pictures. Beautiful light and location. Great work.

    That last vertical b/w is simply brilliant.

  36. Amanda B

    I love, love, love this photo shoot. It is perfect. Ashley is not only gorgeous… but, it is a effortless beauty… a beauty the seeps out of her soul. Yes, cheesy I know… but seriously. Her hair is natural, her make up is very natural, she is not trying hard… she is happy and in love and that shines in all her beauty.

  37. Lauren Wakefield

    I just died a little! These are amazing. The shots on the bench/couchy thing. No words. Amazing amazing.

  38. Liz and Ryan

    So so so so soooo pretty! Ohh my goodness! ;) LOVE this.

  39. Katie Donnelly

    Wow! This is absolutely one of my favorite sessions of yours! Thank you so much for sharing.. It has such a beautiful and luminous feeling to it. Great work!

  40. erin mcginn

    love this so much, the style, the light, the perfect setting! your processing is absolutely rocking lately, it looks like you are doing something maybe a little different from the past with your skin tones (gorgeous!), would love a pancake sesh on your color processing ! xo

  41. Carina + David

    Luv this shoot! Stunning!

  42. spring

    ummmm… LOVE!!!!! wowzer! perfection in my book. xoxo

  43. Gertrude Gusewelle

    i LOVE everything about this shoot! simply perfect!

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