March 29, 2009

Be Careful What You Ask For…

Today we are scheduled to do some more walk-throughs of houses. So yesterday my best friend Joey & I had recon duty to do all the drive-by’s and see if any were definite no’s so we wouldn’t waste any time today. Well, I’ve been saying all along that what I’m looking for in a house is something that brings a little bit of West Virginia (where I grew up) to Connecticut. Something with land and woods and friendly people that wave hello.

Yea….be careful what you ask for.

Yesterday as we were driving between houses, we were using our trusty GPS to get us there. And on the way to one of the more “West Virginia-ey” houses….THIS is the road it took us down! Yes those are gigantic boulders you see in the middle of the road. And we were driving Joey’s HHR which pretty much has a six inch clearance.

It was your basic glorified hiking trail and it had us going on this thing for about three milles. And the further along we went, the worse the “road” got. I swear to you at one point I heard dueling banjos and we were pretty certain that cannibals were going to jump out and get us at any second (has anyone else SEEN Wrong Turn? This will make no sense unless you have!).

So yea….we were pretty scared. And just thankful to make it out alive.

Ahh the adventures of house hunting!

  1. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    OMG!! I hope you find a house with a paved road! : )

  2. Lynn@C+L

    Good luck on finding your dream home! Such an exciting adventure!

  3. Dennis Bullock

    Yee Haw! I think we found the house. Is that Mini 4wd? =)

  4. Val McCormick

    LOL, you and Joey are great actors. Can you imagine getting to the house in snowy weather? Good luck with the hunting.

  5. Christopher

    Ok, I am on the floor laughing. Too funny.

  6. Ray

    Sounds like a fun adventure. Hehe. ;o)

  7. elizabeth

    oh my gosh.. thats crazy.. how were the houses….

  8. Mary Marantz

    LOL….NOT good! :( BUT we did find one today that is a DREAM!

  9. Jody Gray

    lol… too funny. Looking forward to reading about you guys finding the perfect house and having it all work out! (One that is NOT too way off in the boonies :)

  10. Vania

    That looks really scary. Good luck on your search. V

  11. Melissa

    AAAuuugh! The hills have eyes! (That is what we were thinking while driving through Arkansas a few months ago!)

  12. Alison

    That looks like the road I live on! Ours is a little better, we took the boulders out of the road, but just past our house, it turns back to just that! Happy Hunting!

  13. Chris Young

    OMG! That happens to me too! haha. I have a love/hate relationship with my GPS and 99% of the time Love it, but when it takes me down some back windy roads I hate it. Your road is the worst I have ever seen a GPS take someone down. Oh and best of luck on the house hunting! My husband and I are doing that as well and it’s so frustrating/exciting/exhausting.

  14. Talia

    That is SO funny. I am dying to know what you thought of the house… if you ever got to it!

  15. Stef

    The gps part reminds me of The Office episode when Michael’s gps sent him into the lake! LOL! Happy house-hunting! :)

  16. Mary Marantz

    LOL! I know!! I thought of that too!

  17. Deyla Huss

    OMG that looks like a road that the cannibals come and blow out your tires and then take you off to the forest!!!! LOL Im sooooooo glad you made it out of there safe fo reeeaaaaal!

  18. Mary Marantz

    @ Deyla: I know right!! Funny story…the first time I song Wrong Turn it was in a theatre in London. And at the end, the people in front of us were all "Crikey, I do hope we never run into any of those West Virginia blokes. They do look like a scary lot." LOL!

  19. Mary Marantz

    ummm saw, not song. :)

  20. Brandon Gresha,

    Haha! Looks like it would be great place to shoot, but you might have to switch out the 70-200 for a small firearm? Just a thought! Good luck with the house search! We just experience the "joy" ourselves, and I know how tiring it can be!

  21. Mary Marantz

    LOL! I know right! I was definitely aware of just how unarmed we were!

  22. robert Norman

    OOOO Gurl! Don’t be buying yo’ house down no spooky-street!

  23. Eileen Broderick

    I could just hear the freaky music in the background when I saw your hilarious, scared faces! Good luck in your search!

  24. jeramy

    maybe re-think the whole ‘west virginian thing’

  25. mark

    Funny pic! Good luck house hunting.

  26. Mary Marantz

    @ Jeramy: ahh no dice. Once a west virginian ALWAYS a west virginian!!

  27. Shannon

    I have so totally seen that movie wrong turn and was cracking up when you wrote that… but you are so right!!! lol. GOOD LUCK with the house hunting!!!

  28. Kathleen

    Ah! Just skipping through your blog, saw this picture and thought, "Hrm, looks like the road we went up two weeks ago to see a house." Given, we were in Vermont, but we totally had the same experience!! It was basically a riverbed. And 3 other home lived on it! We concluded that they must drive monster trucks and never leave their house and that perhaps Class 4 road living was not our cup of tea. :)

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