May 12, 2010

Before & After: Guest Bedroom


Breathe. Just Breathe.

This post is probably much more aptly named “Before & Sorta After”…..because it’s not quite where I want it. Yet.

Gah. And that is so frustrating to me.

You have this vision in your head….you know exactly how it’s going to be….you work on it and work on it….and then you put it out there for the whole world to see


Not. Quite. There. Yet.

But see that’s why you keep the Before picture. Right there in your head. To remind you of how far you’ve come. So you can stop looking for just one second at what’s not there and take a look at what is.

Breathe. Just Breathe.

You’ll get there. I’ll get there. We’ll all get there. One step at a time. One room at a time. One quarter turned vintage catcher’s mask at a time.

As long as we keep reminding ourselves just how far we’ve come.

**I’m running out the door right now, but tune in tomorrow as we break down what all went in to our lil’ two-day, $500 project. You won’t want to miss it! :)

First, let’s take a second and concentrate on The Before. Ah yes, there it is.

And the middle. Land O’ Lakes yellow and all.

And now……the Sorta After!!!

And finally some of those details you know we love so much!

We’ll see you tomorrow!

  1. Meghan Stewart

    I think I could move right into your house and feel right at home. Love it!

  2. Aubrey

    It looks fantastic Mary! You did a wonderful job :)

  3. Lori Calhoun

    I pretty much lurve that room! Especially the details, and lighting.

  4. Jennifer Eileen

    This room is ridiculously beautiful! Have you ever thought of dabbling in interior design? Bravo!

  5. Lisa Gilbert

    This is just so pretty and warm and welcoming (kind of like you!). Well done, the details are fantastic!

  6. Trent

    That is one BEAUTIFUL sorta after!!!!!!!!

  7. Mandi Singer

    Wow Mary, you DO dream really big if this is your sorta after. :-) I am swooning over this room!! Just simply beautiful.

  8. Tania

    This is beautiful guys!! It’s so Martha!!!!

  9. Lydia

    Need a guest to come and test it out? This room calls out to come visit! Lovely!

  10. Spring

    LOVE the old catchers mask. Where did you find that?

  11. Joe+Kathrina

    You guys consider this the "sorta after"? Because it looks amazing already! You guys are so good!

  12. Brandi Lee

    I would stay there! I promise to bring a bottle of wine for a hostess gift! :)

  13. Tira J

    Love all of it! So, if I ever come to visit you….I wanna stay in the Land O Lakes Room! You guys did an incredible job! Can’t wait for the next room. p.s.. where did you get the bedding?

  14. maggieb

    What an inviting, warm, uniquely beautiful space to welcome guests to and make them smile and feel right at home. Snuggle in at the Marantz Bed and Breakfast. Your guests may never leave!

  15. Anna Azmitia

    This is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-! I love the colors and the light that comes in is very welcoming…I know you’ve worked very hard, and for the record, I think you’ve done a wonderful job…congratulations!

  16. Jessica

    I LOOOOOOVE THIS!!! You are amazing…everything looks fabulous!

  17. Roxie

    It’s so refreshing. Your guests will never want to leave. :)

  18. lesley

    hehehe, can I move in? it looks just simply….lovely! :)

  19. Jil

    SO beautiful and welcoming! great job!!

  20. Marcus Murphy

    AND we’re comin to visit… unspecified amount of time :)

  21. lucinda

    Looks like a Sarah True Bedroom!! looks great!!

  22. alison

    I am so in love with the yellow- it is amazing! You guys have an amazing eye for details and this room is gorgeous!!!

  23. Tina Wadhwa

    This looks AMAZING! You guys have a gift at making things/people looks lovely!

  24. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Mary, have a valium. It looks AMAZING!!!!!

  25. Courtney

    Oh, my goodness! Your guest bedroom is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I’m in absolute love with the details, colors, and overall feel of it. I wish I had the ability to decorate a room as well as you two do. If this is only your "sorta after," I cannot wait to see what your "after" looks like. =)

  26. Tammie

    I think what I love the most is the wainscoting…it’s beautiful; but those details are pretty awesome too :)

  27. dorelies

    Love the big watch, but would fear, that she is rolling down!!

  28. diane -

    What a great job you did with this room. Are you open for reservations yet? :D

  29. Emily

    Love this, love the details and I am so jealous you can put this together and take the most fabulous pictures too!

  30. Megan (Best of Fates)

    Whoa – some of those little touches are just so perfect. I would live in that room.

  31. Michelle

    Love, love the details. You guys did an awesome job, and I’m looking forward to the breakdown for how you managed to pull this off!

  32. Alicia Candelora

    Aw, Mary, it is GORGEOUS! I may have to come and test out that guest bedroom for a night… :D

  33. joan Solitario

    beautiful!! better than any 5 star hotel room!

  34. Rylee

    Wow, Mary! It looks fabulous. It makes me really want to see the "All Done" version! You’ve inspired me to take a second look at my house…

  35. Ray

    That bed looks so inviting. I just want to lay in it and never get out. =o) You are such a talented decorator. I love the vintage catcher’s hat and bat. I also love the star fish beside the bedside table leaning on the candle. Very nice.

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