April 4, 2010

Before and After: First Floor Kitchen

It’s finally here!! Our very first in the before & after series from our new house!!

So the fun thing about our new house is that it’s a three story colonial that used to be a two-family. Which means we actually have TWO kitchens to decorate. We’re going to be using the first floor as our studio, so the first floor kitchen is really just a studio kitchen that we’ll use for making lunch and getting ready for client meetings. It’s also actually quite a good sized kitchen so we’ll be setting up some work stations in there for tissue paper, ribbons, boxes, etc (more on that to come!) But because the second floor kitchen is really where we’re going to do most of our living, we wanted to save as much of the budget for that one as we possibly could for things like nicer cabinets, appliances, and so on. So for this kitchen, we wanted to try to work with what we had and be creative as much as possible.

Here is the before.

And HERE is the after!!!!

The biggest changes you can see in there are our hard wood floors, which we had put throughout the house, and the new ceilings with recessed lighting. That was all part of the renovation we had to do throughout the house because of the leak that was there before we bought it (and why we were able to buy it in the first place!) We saved the original hardwoods where we could and had them all stained the same color (Ebony from Minwax), but as you can see above the kitchens just had awful, cheap tile. So those are all new hardwoods and we are totally psyched with how they turned out!

Since we’re going to be investing a chunk of change in the cabinets we put upstairs, we didn’t want to spend anymore on the cabinets for downstairs. So one night Justin gets it in his head to start sanding what was already there, and a couple of coats of white paint later we have these. HUGE improvement I would say!

The next major change we did in there was the countertops, which were originally those terrible cheap laminate ones you see above. Besides being cheap they were also FILTHY. So they had to go. At first we were just going to get another cheap one at Home Depot, but then we decided to check out Ikea. They had these butcher block countertops for $125. One slab was plenty, and our contractors cut them to fit the space. Before that, Justin also sanded them down and stained them to match the floors. Total cost: about $140.

As you see below, we did do some upgrading on the appliances with the stove & microwave. We got those pretty cheap at Home Depot and then we checked online from our iPhones and found out they were selling them there even cheaper there so the store had to match. We ended up saving $150 dollars on an already pretty cheap set (price wise, we’ve actually found them to be pretty awesome quality wise. So if you’re looking for a good set, check them out!). Stove & microwave together were about $750. We will also be doing a new refrigerator and the finishing trim (baseboards, quarter round) pretty soon….as soon as we save up some more cash!

We kept the original sink from the house (which I LOVE), but replaced the faucets with this cool barn style set from Delta. Those were about $150.

Another good shot of the countertops.

And finally we finished everything off with brushed nickel plates to go with our paint color (Gravel from Restoration Hardware). The copper plated switch covers from the earlier post are going in our meeting room. But you’re going to have to wait on that! :)

Happy HGTV Monday everyone!!

  1. andrea

    looks FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Alicia Candelora

    Love it! We just painted Adam’s kitchen a lighter grey color with white cabinets and yellow accents! :)

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the place! :)

  3. Spring

    LOVE IT!!!! That wall color is perfect. I’m also a huge fan of butcher block counters!!! :) You should have your own HGTV show :)

  4. rowena

    Love it! You did a fabulous job! Really like the floor and updated appliances.

  5. Jil

    awesome job! love the wall color w/the white cabinets…

  6. Christa

    LOVE it! Especially the splash of yellow to brigthen it all up! Totally my style :)

  7. Jess

    LOOOOOVE it. Came out beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest of the series!!

  8. Ryan

    Looks great guys… well done!

  9. Dennis Bullock

    Looks fantastic guys!

  10. Amanda

    Fabulous job, guys!!! I, absolutely, love it. My favorites are the floor, countertop, and wall color. Gorgeous!

  11. carly

    holy toledo! gorgeous :)

  12. Susan Solo

    So beautiful! The colors are perfect. You should send these before-and-after shots to younghouselove.com. They love a good makeover!

  13. Candace Prokopets

    That’s gotta feel good to have all that done. It looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Emily @ Southern Weddings

    GORGEOUS! I love it all — a very luxe look for what you invested!

  15. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Beautiful! We also did mahogany wood countertops and I love them! They were so much more economical and they look really rich with white cabinets. Great job, guys!

  16. jennie Fresa

    Wow!! Looks amazing you guys! xoxox

  17. Gina Meola

    GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  18. René Tate

    Ahh!! It looks wonderful!! Lookin’ forward to being a client someday so I can come visit in all of its glory. :) :)

    Who know Justin was such a Tim Taylor?! Great job, you two!

  19. Evie Perez

    When I first read this post I was thinking HGTV, and then when I scrolled down I saw, "Happy HGTV Monday". Ha :)

  20. Alice

    Yay… so exciting and beautiful! Not only is it so fun to see your lovely new kitchen, but I an also really thankful to learn about those Ikea kitchen counter tops! So glad you kept that original sink, it looks super cool!

  21. Emily

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love the wall color, countertops – EVERYthing! :)

  22. Liz Ness

    I bet you’ll never want to leave now. It’s beautiful!

  23. Lacy

    That is one FINE KITCHEN!!! That is the PERFECT place for you to wash… and for him to dry! ;)

  24. michelle sidles

    Yay!! Home Reno B&A’s!!! :) This made my monday. Beautiful job.

  25. Realtor Dad

    Are you sure this is the same hosue I sold you??? Great job!!!

  26. Nikki

    *SWOON* I LOVE it!! Wanna come decorate my house? I am in a slump :) It all looks fantastic!

  27. Anne

    it looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you do to the upstairs kitchen!

  28. Geoff Boka

    Hey guys, really nice work! Love the stark clean color and crisp white cabinets. Excellent job! When’s the house warming??

  29. Meredith Perdue

    Yay for Ikea butcherblock! You’ll love them! This looks awesome, guys- congratulations!

  30. diane - www.sagephoto.com

    I love the color on the walls! This kitchen is so clean, modern and crisp! Love it

  31. Julie Velez

    It looks awesome! I’m so happy for you guys!

  32. Alisa Greig

    oh how i look forward to the day i have my own kitchen!! LOVE your redo, but i’d even take your old version–both look great to me!!

  33. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Looks ultra fab! You get extra green points for reusing the cabinets!!!! Way to reuse!!!! :)

    I’ll be interested to hear how the butcher block countertops age …. did you seal them or anything? Do they require regular grooming or polishing?

  34. Monty Jessop

    Great work Justin & Mary!

  35. MM

    @Karen: we are going to seal them….we’ll definitely let you know how that goes!

  36. MM

    @Monty: aw, thanks Monty!!! :) You’re the bomb!

  37. Katie Slater

    Congratulations you guys! How exciting for you both!!!!! Beautiful!!

  38. oneshotbeyond

    that’s a dramatic difference! TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL TRANSITION…

  39. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Great job, guys! Your new space looks phenomenal!

  40. Kat Speyer

    LOVE IT! As I was scrolling to the second pic, I seriously thought it was black and white at first. Such a difference! And creative new twists and re-uses. Great job.

  41. BelindaR

    Love it guys. Good job well done :) I can’t wait for the next Before & After instalment!!

  42. Emily

    Oh I love it!! Great job and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the house comes along!!

  43. maggieb

    oh so welcoming and inviting…wonderful and warm…just lovely…got tea?

  44. Alison

    This looks amazing! I love before and afters! We need to redo our counter tops they are currently white (why anyone would do white countertops mystifies me) and tile and really need to go. I am liking the butcher block, something to look at!!! Great job, can’t wait to see more!

  45. Terra Dawn

    OH…….that is gorgeous!!! And I am jealous!!!! *sigh* I can’t wait to see more!!!!!

  46. Susannah

    love it! love the color, the wood floors, the countertops…all around beautiful!

  47. Sara

    This is great. SO inspiring. Thanks for sharing!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  48. Jennifer DeLaurentis

    Thank you SO much for sharing the good, the bad, and the indifferent. You are so open about how you get to the finished product as I am a "want it here and now" gal myself! Love your style too very nice. Give a shout out to Julia G for me too :) Keep the posts coming your site is on my daily must check list.

  49. Lisa H. Chang

    Wow ~ beautiful work! I can imagine this must be a fun ~ and tiring! ~ project!!!

  50. Joe+Kathrina

    Gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see the rest :)

  51. BEN

    love the dark wood floors. mindy and i are doing a weathered black hardwood and your pic reminds me of why we like the dark floor. beautiful.

  52. Lydia

    Wow, it looks great! Love the idea of staining the countertops!

  53. Stacey

    Love it! Love the sink!

  54. Ray

    I’m LOVING what you did to your first floor kitchen! It’s awesome. I especially love the dark wood floors. Really great. And I love the barn-style faucet. Too cool. I can’t wait to see the rest. ;o)

  55. Nicole Haley

    You’ve done an AMAZING job. I read this post a day or so ago and didn’t comment but then I thought about it a little more and realized that you guys have such awesome vision. I may hire you when we buy a house one day! Love these HGTV posts. :D

  56. Rylee

    I can’t believe I haven’t checked your blog in FOREVER and I come back to find HGTV! I love it – I’m totally a Miss After myself. I always change the chanel, skip all the working parts and flip back to it for the big reveal of the fabulous after. The house looks great!

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