June 2, 2011

Believe It

So it’s June. The 30-Day Challenge is officially over. But I guess only if we want it to be.

Because it could just be the beginning of the next challenge. I’m going to be writing much more on this next week.

But in the mean time I want to know…how did you do? What did you succeed at? What did you struggle with?

What are the hard things you’re trying to make happen right now? The big dreams you want to bring to pass? As you go through this day I want you to think about it and remember, whatever they might be:

  1. Alison

    While I didn’t keep up with everything as well as I would like to, I started carrying a small journal in my purse. Those moments of downtime (waiting for appointments, watching my sons baseball, eating lunch etc) I made a point to take it out and right my daily gratitude and often that lead to brainstorming for my business and my life. I feel better focused with words on paper and putting them on paper helps to make them real. The little bit here and there has helped to create two personal projects I am crazy excited for and a whole new direction for part of my business that I am scared but thrilled to work out! I will keep doing it, it has become a habit! Thanks for the encouragement… and how did you do??

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