June 24, 2010

Berries & Badminton BBQ: The Badminton Set

I’m going to be fully honest with you, it can get pretty competitive around the Marantz household. Justin & I are both naturally really competitive people, and J can be especially so having come from a very long line of competitive people (hey, we still don’t talk about the first time I played dominos with his dad….right Papa D?! :) So when we decided it was going to be a badminton themed BBQ for the 4th, we both knew it was on…..like flan….twirling a baton. For real.

I spent every summer of my childhood playing badminton in the backyard til it was too dark to see the birdie anymore. And Justin claims to have played competitively in high school. :) Seriously, is there anyone out there who can either confirm or deny this? So last night we broke out our new fancy schmancy set from Restoration Hardware (the one with real feathers on the birdies), to see who really was the badminton champion.

Well after the longest match in history (psssht, Wimbeldon ain’t got nothin’ on us!) with darkness setting in, we agreed to call it a tie for the sake of our union.

And because, y’know, after all our dating anniversary was the next day. :) But come July 4th, I can tell you this… Mr. Marantz better be ready to bring his A-game!

*Check out the sweet little carrying case it comes in! Also comes complete with net & set up poles.

**To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.

  1. Papa D

    I’ll talk about it and defend my position for as long as I live!!!!! :-)

  2. jackie g. photog

    played "competitively?" was that on his days off from the A/V Club? i kid! i kid! love you guys!! mwah!!

  3. ...&j2

    Badminton was pretty competative in my HS too… Do I see a J&M vs …&J2&M match in the future?!? :)

  4. Jil

    sounds awesome!! i have the best nantucket berry pie recipe if youre interested…

  5. Sam

    So, I am here to confirm Justin was quite competitive at Badminton in HS. Justin and I started playing sports together in little league at around age 11 and he was better at me in every sport except the racquet ones. We had some fierce badminton battles back in the day that have made us the people we are now. In fact, I think it’s time for a rematch .. 12 years later …. But I will say as a doubles team, our skills combined were unbeatable.

  6. maggieb

    You teach us all how simple it can be to live life to the fullest! "Live Laugh Love", indeed! Badminton, berries and BBQ …all you need is horseshoes but that doesn’t start with a "b".
    I bet Mary played horseshoes with her Dad? Lovin’ playin’ horseshoes! If it rains…Scrabble anyone?…and, oh, oh, oh, dominoes.

  7. MM

    @&J2: ooooooh, BRING IT!!! :)

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