January 30, 2009

Best Gift….EVER!!!

Check out what our girl Val got for us!! FYI, the gift of Starbucks is the gift that just keeps ON giving! And y’know…just so you know…. I DO have a birthday coming up in just under four months! :) It’s never too early to start shopping, that’s what I always say! :) :)

  1. Jen Olsen

    I have that same mug, x-cept mine’s a bit smaller and coffee stained. :) mmmm.makes me want to brew me a cup.

  2. Yuka photo art

    ummm I love Starbucks!

  3. Val McCormick

    *Val is snapping fingers* I knew I should of stocked up for my awesome friends! Way to easy to shop for ;-)

    Love Ya!

  4. Feuza

    Ohh, nice, never too early, I totally agreeeeeeee

  5. jeramy

    wow! now, that is a fancy present. you must be very nice.

  6. christina lemarr

    Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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