August 8, 2010


Lately life has been just a little bit….blurry.

Between running non-stop for our Nashville Workshop (that we leave for tomorrow at 5am, btw!), running our business and making time to, y’know, run a few loads of laundry… pretty much all we’ve been doing lately is running. And when you spend all your days going mach five with your hair on fire (which is pretty much the standard operating protocol in Justin & Mary world) life does start to get a little bit…. blurry.

Your eyes get blurry from bolting upright in bed every morning at 6am to tackle the next set of to-do’s. Your brain gets blurry trying to figure out what’s been done and what still needs doing, so much so that you find yourself constantly asking “wait, what I was talking about.” And your days get blurry trying to jam-pack a life time’s worth of work in to each twenty-four hour period.

And just to prove my point, as soon as I stopped typing that last sentence I literally just thought to myself: “wait, what was I talking about.” Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

See? Blurry.

So last night for just one night, we downshifted from mach five into a good, steady idle. We sat on our front porch and flipped through magazines. Sure he read photo magazines and I read Southern Living and we couldn’t help but toss out just a few more ideas for the workshop. But remember I said down-shifted….not trade the whole dang car in. We ate crab cakes and arugula salad with Annie’s Goddess dressing, and we watched the boats sail by. I breathed in. And I breathed out. And tried with everything to get life to slow down for just one sweet second. After that, we walked to the St. Bernadette neighborhood carnival, and ate funnel cakes and lost miserably at the shoot water into the clown’s mouth game. Twice. Both times to four year olds. And then we took pictures just for fun. We took pictures of us having fun.

But just so we didn’t forget entirely what life feels like right now, we made sure that they too were just a little bit… blurry.

  1. Christa

    I wanna click "like" on this blog post :)

  2. Chelsea McGowan

    Ahh… blurry life. That’s us right now. What’s relaxing feel like again? ;)

  3. Jil

    funnel cake: yessssssssss

  4. Deb Whitaker

    Yep, that roller coaster pretty much sums it up. Mom of five, wife, student, photographer, youth cheering coach and director…..can I possibly fit another title in there???

  5. Julia R

    This so describes my life right now, I feel like I could have written it myself :) Can’t wait to find some time to slooooow things down and enjoy the good stuff. Love you guys & your blog!

  6. maggieb

    Stop! Look! Listen! and, yes, mostly breath. All along I thought I needed new glasses to correct the blurriness; but a small town carnival will work every time! It also helps to know there are others on the ferris wheel with you going round and round and round…love your insightful candid posts. Safe trip.

  7. ajira

    I hear you! Loud and clear. Thanks for the reminder to just breathe.

  8. Alison

    This month is my busiest yet, which is great news but slightly panic inducing. My husband’s primary job this month is to keep me sane and grounded and connected and I am so very glad to have him every day.

  9. Autumn Thomes

    I can sure relate to the blurry feeling! Maybe a downshift is in order! ;)

  10. Denise G.

    There’s nothing a caramel apple won’t fix! Fun times!

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