September 29, 2015

Book More by December: Join us for a FREE webinar!


Ok friends!! Real talk for a quick second: how are your bookings going for next year? Are you on track for where you wanted to be for 2016 or not even close? I’m definitely hoping it’s the first one, but if you’re finding yourself in the second (I know a lot of people are!!) I just wanted to let you know that we are partnering with The Academy Today & SHOWIT to bring you a FREE live webinar tomorrow all about how to get your bookings up by the end of the year! This is not the time to panic…you just need a deep breath & some clear practical next steps for where to go from here. We’ll get you both! Like I said, it’s absolutely FREE to join, you just have to register IN ADVANCE to lock in your spot…the last webinar we did sold out, so don’t miss grabbing your seat!! Just head over HERE and we’ll see you tomorrow at 12pm EST!! 

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