February 7, 2012

Boston Four Seasons Wedding: Angela & AJ

She stood in a suite with curlers in her hair and quietly took it all in. The light, the day, the love. The friends & family who surrounded her. And she smiled a simple smile. She chatted about AJ and how they first met, while the final curls were pinned into place. And when it came time to put on her dress, when the nerves started to really set in, she leaned on the people she was closest to.

He stood at the front of the aisle alone in a room of forty and quietly took it all in. The warmth, the laughter, the love. The small group of their closest friends & family who surrounded him. And he smiled a simple smile. He waited to see her face, while the final guests were seated. And when it came time to open the doors, when the nerves really started to set in, he couldn’t wait to lean on the one person in the whole world he is closest to.

Married: Angela & AJ

Angela & AJ marked our first wedding of 2012, and they kicked it off in style with an intimate brunch wedding at the Four Seasons Boston. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they promised forever. They raised a glass with each guest. Hugged each one tightly. Got to tell them how much they mean to them. I’d say that’s the way to start a life together. Angela & AJ, truly it was our honor to document your day and your love. Our wish for you is that you will love like this always.

So, so much love!

Venue: Four Seasons Boston
Dress: La Sposa
Blooms: Lotus Designs
Baker: Vicki Lee’s
Beauty: Katrina Hess
Hair: the fabulous Priscilla Collins (who we have to thank for referring Angela & AJ to us!!)
Photography: Justin & Mary

  1. Nancy Mitchell

    These are beautiful J&M! Way to kick off 2012!

  2. Cindy

    love your use of black and white! So classy and elegant. The bride is breathtaking, so so pretty! love all of the joy and emotion you captured!

  3. Tiffany Farley

    I have SO had Justin & Mary wedding withdrawals! These are so beautiful! Gorgeous Gorgeous work!

  4. Kari Jeanne

    Gorgeous!! I love the ones on the staircase and the very last one. Just so beautiful!

  5. Stephanie Stewart

    Beyond beautiful! These two are going to be completely over the moon with their images! So pretty!

  6. Sarah W

    Absolutely Beautiful!! You work is just so timeless and classy!

  7. Stephen Gosling

    Super pretty images. Well captured!

  8. Spring

    I am still blown away EVERY time I see images you two take… I am so beyond excited to have you guys documenting my love and my wedding… AHHHHH 2012 is going to be epic. XOXO

  9. Sandra Fazzino

    So soft & lovely! Great way to start the season! XO

  10. Elizabeth

    I agree with the comment that stated so soft and lovely…nice work J&M…congrats to the new couple!

  11. Dominique

    Very classic and elegant. Beautiful work guys!

  12. Samantha Harkins

    I love the way he’s looking at her in the first picture – precious!

  13. Lauren

    So intimate. Absolutely beautiful.

  14. Mireille

    As always so beautiful. Again I am struck about the beautiful colors of your images and those black and whites.

  15. caitlin

    ya’ll capture expression and detail so beautifully – way to kick of 2012 in a big way!

  16. Ed Congdon

    The only problem with putting shots like this in a blog post is that there’s no "Like" button!! These are fab!! Love the portrait shots of her!!

  17. Taylor Jackson

    Mary, these are brilliant! (Yes I just said brilliant over on this side of the world I am meeting sooo many great english people it is rubbing off!) I’ve missed your wedding posts!!!!

  18. Angela and AJ

    Thank you Justin and Mary for the lovely images of our big day!! We cannot wait to see the rest of the photos. You guys are so great to work with, and we had so much fun :)

  19. Gabby / En Route Photography

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love how you titled the first shoot, nice touch! ;D Cannot wait for my wedding season to start!

  20. Christy

    Oh my goodness – just gorgeous! Is is weird to describe this all as buttery? It’s like butta! Just smooth and lovely! :) I especially love the bridal portraits… stunning!

  21. Amanda Driver

    I love what you guys are cookin’ up! Stunning! :)

  22. Marlana

    Gorgeous! Beautiful as always! :)

  23. ellie


  24. John Li

    Love this wedding.
    gonna see you at WPPI

  25. Colleen Forster

    Beautiful wedding Angela. Congratulations and may you have a lifetime of happy! Love ya, Colleen

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