September 20, 2010

Branford House Wedding: Deanna & Dini (Part II)

And now, here’s the rest of the story from Deanna & Dini’s show-stopping Branford House wedding!! And what would a show-stopper be without its cast of star characters: Sarah True of True Event, Gourmet Galley, Yumiko of Hana Floral Design and the ladies of the White Dress by the Shore. Thanks to all of you for making D&D’s day what it was. We were just the ones lucky enough to capture it.

Deanna & Dini, we love you guys! And we are so thankful to have been your wedding photographers. More so, to now be able to call you friends. Thank you for everything!
So much love,

  1. Paige Butcher

    What a beautiful wedding and a GORGEOUS couple. These photos are stunning.

  2. Deborah Zoe

    love, love, LOVE these!:)

  3. jeramy

    gorgeous! love the light!

  4. Kristin

    Did anyone else think he looks a little like Michael Phelps?! Beautiful pictures, wedding & couple.. what was ‘made with love’ in the cute little boxes?

  5. MM

    @Kristin: they were truffles! handmade by Deanna & her mom!

  6. Sindy

    LOVE these! That one black and white portrait was just perfection!

  7. Jil

    i cant get over the gorgeousness that is those flowers!!

  8. Brigid

    You guys are AMAZING!!! These pics are FABULOUS!!!

  9. Jeanne C

    outstanding pictures love the lighting at night this wedding looks like something in a magazine

  10. Alison

    It isn’t often I comment on flowers, but these are just gorgeous! Oh, and the night shots are amazing!

  11. Denise G.

    Words fail me…gor-geous! Did you guys use any strobes for the night shots of the reception tent? Stunning!

  12. Spring

    love love love love- the artichoke in the flowers is amazing what a great idea!!!! I might use these photos to plan my own wedding someday- their colors, flowers and location are spectacular!!!!

  13. Joe+Kathrina

    your photography is amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing!

  14. Carrie

    These are absolutely STUNNING! We are big fans of your work and had to pure pleasure to see you at WPPI….thank you! I have a question about your color shots in this series… this natural coloring straight from the camera provided by your lens of choice or did you apply a TRA preset or action. I love how clean the whites are and the coloring so true….hard to accomplish! Thank you for any info.

  15. Trent

    mmmmmm kay.
    so here’s the deal. my mouth kept dropping further and further as i scrolled with my fingers on my "magic mouse". you guys continue to inspire me with every image I see!

  16. MM

    @Carrie: These are pretty much SOCC. I bring the vibrance up just ehhhhh-ver so slightly (5 or less) in Camera Raw and that’s usually about it. Maybe a little contrast boost at about 10% and a midtone brighten and done!

  17. M2

    Wonderful job of preserving such a special occasion.

  18. Uncle Nick

    OMG! These are incredible!
    What a joyous day!

  19. MZ

    These photos really capture an amazing event. They really should be in a magazine! Keep up the good work

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