July 17, 2012

Branford House Wedding: Jaime & Dan

Jaime stood at the edge of the old stone mansion that is the Branford House, and peeked around the corner to her family and friends. She teared up, took a deep breath. And then teared up again. She hugged her dad just one more time, held on just a little longer, and together they waited for the music to change. When the first few chords floated out on the breeze and marched their way past them, they knew it was time. Their time. And they took that first step side by side, never once looking back.

Jaime & Dan stood together at the edge of the world and looked back across the sweeping front lawn that is the Branford House. They took in the sight that was the gathering of all their friends and family. Of every person in the world that they love the most, mixing seamlessly like they were always meant to be right there together witnessing this day. Jaime teared up, took a deep breath. And then teared up again. She hugged Dan just one more time, held on just a little longer, as if for them the music would never change. And when the laughter from the party floated out on the breeze and sashayed its way past them, they knew it was time. It was always their time. Because this would always be the day that they took that first step side by side.

Never once looking back.

Married: Jaime & Dan

Jaime & Dan were married on the most perfect of perfect days at the same place Justin & I got married: The Branford House mansion in Connecticut. They tented the front lawn, brought lanterns to light the way, and gathered everyone closest to them together for a day that would make even Gatsby himself want to join the party. They went around and hugged every person, thanked them for being there. And when the night sky fell to darkness and daylight made its last hurrah, it stood for one last encore in a rush of blue and purple from the horizon. Like the sun itself was toasting to love as it’s just beginning. Jaime & Dan, we had the best time with you guys and there aren’t enough words in the world to thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives. We wish for you a love like this always. Always walking side by side. And never once looking back.

So much love,

Photography: Justin & Mary
Venue: The Branford House
Blooms: Hana Floral Design
Beauty: Green Tangerine
Catering: Salute

  1. Alicia Candelora

    This is just beautiful!

  2. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    So lovely! I just love the Branford House! And love all of the subtle nautical touches and the mix of dresses and ties.

  3. Emilia Jane

    Stunning work.

  4. Katie Jane

    So funny – I thought I saw you guys that day. I actually photographed a wedding at the Branford House the day after this one, and we were rehearsing a little ways away from the house. My bride and I snuck around to watch this ceremony from afar after our rehearsal for the next day was over, and I thought it was you two who were shooting. These are so gorgeous! As usual!

  5. rich

    always such great, beautiful work going on here – loved looking through these!

  6. Patience

    It’s always so cool to see new weddings get posted on your blog! You guys have such a talent for making each one so individual while still maintaining your distinct voice. This wedding turned out so great!!!

  7. Kathy Bussolari

    They are so beautiful and make me realize how much I missed by being part of the crowd. I call it the "Party of the Century" and can’t wait to see the rest.

  8. Tina dela Rosa

    Absolutely stunning!

  9. Laura Gordon

    I love this wedding! So fabulous :)

  10. Ann Prokop

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful bride, gorgeous groom, and wonderful wedding!

  11. Kali Stamos

    Awesome pictures. Literally cried while looking at these. Such a fabulous and memorable night!

  12. Julie Stamos

    So beautiful!!! The black and white picture of the bride and groom smooching in front of the Branford House definitely my favorite. Can’t wait to see more.

  13. Jessica Stamos

    These pictures not only capture Jaime and Dan’s love, but caused an overwhelming flood of emotion for me, which means that you, Justin and Mary, did a perfect job. Jaime and Dan, I am so in love with you two.

  14. Terry Caruso

    Beautiful photography capturing the beauty and essence of their special day! Those of us who were there to celebrate Jaime and Dan will get to relive it whenever we see these pictures!

  15. Dorothy Prokop

    The day was spectacular in every way .the pictures reflect that.

  16. athena

    Love love LOVE!! I am obsessed with the fram of them in the open grass, with the blazing sunset-lit tree. Such emotion – such love. So. Much. Happiness.

  17. Jaime

    Justin and Mary: You did such an incredible job capturing the overall feeling of the evening along with all of the emotions that Dan and I, our families, and friends all experienced. Thank you!!

  18. Yondel

    Simply stunning. Congrats to the both of you!

  19. Fionnuala

    Beautiful – love the one of the tent at the end! Really nice writing as well. Beautiful touches. Congratulations!

  20. Jen

    Gorgeous! Incredible wedding, beautiful couple, amazing pictures!

  21. Jared Rey - Dallas Wedding Photographer

    What an amazingly beautiful place to have a wedding. I am in awe! Loved all the details.

  22. Kristin Hall

    Ah! So beautiful I can’t take it! Jaime you are stunning.. that handsome husband of yours is one lucky guy. Absolutely gorgeous pictures J&M. Newtown girls just make the prettiest brides :)

  23. The Reiss'

    Beautiful pictures! Jaime you are gorgeous and Dan you’re pretty cute too. These pics did a great job of capturing all those little details. Can’t wait to see more!

  24. Ryan

    LOVE the shot of the guys with their different ties!! Especially love the polka-dot one – nice feature!! Beautiful wedding!!

  25. Stephanie Stewart

    Perfection! Love everything about this wedding!

  26. DC Wedding Photographer

    Crazy awesome pics!

  27. Stacey

    Absolutely stunning! What gourgeous photos. Congratulations!

  28. Emily K

    Why can’t you guys live closer to Fargo ND?? Stunning work! Love this wedding!! :)

  29. Katie Allen

    These are amazing!!! Love the unique feel, and of course all the beautiful pictures of the amazing bride and groom, and friends and family. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  30. Tricia

    What beautiful photos of the beautiful day!!! The dresses, suits, and decorations came out perfectly!

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