July 21, 2011

Branford House Wedding: Katie & Joseph (Part I)

Good morning!

After playing a little catch up, today we’re really settling into this vacation hard core. I’m picturing books on porch swings, afternoon naps, and yes maybe even some toes in the sand. But above all, just taking some time to….be.

But before we take off, I wanted to send you into the weekend right with Katie & Joseph’s Branford House wedding. Everything about this wedding was classic & clean, with pops of the prettiest green. And Katie made for the most beautiful bride! With great big thanks to Gina from A Thyme to Cook, Kelly Sharkey from the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library and Mary Voight of A Floral Affair for making the day come together so flawlessly. You are all incredible at what you do!

Married: Katie & Joseph

  1. Lara

    Best groom’s reaction during the 10 minute rule I’ve seen. Beautiful work!

  2. Jen O.

    Mary, you weren’t kidding about those bridal portraits. She is stunning. Some of the best you’ve done. And the groom’s reaction after the ceremony? Makes me teary – So beautiful.

  3. Abby Grace

    Wow, that church is gorgeous! I love the walls. Very Gothic (architecture, not black make-up and spiked jewelry). Love that first image on the left- the lighting is gorgeous!

  4. Brooke Summer Photography

    Maybe it’s because I’m a cryer myself, but I’m such a sucker for the tear pictures! Such beautiful emotion. :) Excellent work!

  5. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Bride’s father = cutest father of the bride EVER!

  6. jennie Fresa

    what a sweet couple! xo

  7. Zaida

    Oh, wow! These are lovely. The bridal shots are exceptional!

  8. Julia R

    This wedding looks like SO much fun! Beautiful couple, gorgeous photos!

  9. Matt

    Gorgeous work!

  10. Carolyn

    Thanks to whoever thinks our dad is the cutest ever! Love the pics.
    –Sister of the bride

  11. Ray

    Wow. The photos where they were crying…? Now I want to cry now. <3

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