January 19, 2016

Bring “The Event” Home With You- Videos Now On Sale!!


You guys! The past two weeks we have been working like crazy behind the scenes with our amazing friends Ashley & Jeremy of We Are the Mitchells to create something just for YOU!

We heard from so many of you that there were a LOT of you guys who just couldn’t make it work to be at The Event live in person, either because it was too far for you to travel to DC or you just couldn’t get off work, and you wanted to know if it would ever be available to order afterwards! Well you asked & we listened!! That’s why we are SO excited to announce that you can now bring “The Event” home with you to keep & watch forever, because The Event Online Edition is now available to buy! And the BEST news is that you can just click over HERE to grab your copy & start watching right away (**AND bonus: be sure to use the code “MARY” to save $70 off your copy!)!!


This is SIX HOURS of incredible, practical content for every area of your business including these TEN full length talks:

*Mary Marantz on The 5 Lies in Business We Have to Lay Down
*Natale Franke on Cutting Edge Marketing
*Jennifer Olmstead on Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Boring Branding
*Abby Grace on The Gentle No: How to Stop People Pleasing & Say Yes to Your Life
*Hope Taylor on The Fast Track Business: One Year to a Thriving Business
*Mary Marantz on The Core of Authentic Posing
*Justin Marantz on The J&M Lighting Bootcamp
*Elle Danielle on Law 101 for Photographers
*Ashley Scobey on a Workflow That Will Get You Your LIFE Back
*Mary Marantz on Making Your Work Worth More

And we also have these two extra BONUS highlight videos:
* Jenna Kutcher on Defining Success on Your Own Terms
*Katelyn James on Micro Changes that Create Macro Results


Here is just some of the INCREDIBLE feedback we’ve been getting from attendees (and to see everything, just scroll through the hashtag #justinandmarytheevent on Instagram!):

“Justin & Mary, thank you so so so much for putting this whole event together today! I walked away with a confidence in things that I didn’t even know I needed. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my day than learning from some of the best in our industry. I know you’ll get it a lot, but truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m ready to kickstart my business in ways I never thought I’d be able to!” -Chelsea Blanch

“Feeling so inspired after listening to these 10 powerhouse industry leaders share their definitions of success. It’s not about followers or money or material, but instead about living a life you love and leaving a legacy behind. Thank you for sharing your hearts. You guys change the whole game!”- Kaitlyn Phipps

“Oh. My. Goodness. Yes the pauses in that sentence were completely necessary! The Event was AMAZING!! Not only getting to see these phenomenal photographers outside of their pretty Instagram squares was encouraging enough on it’s own but getting to soak in all their wisdom was incredible. My favorite part about The Event was the focus each speaker had on making sure we fill ourselves up as PEOPLE, not just photographers. We learned so many tips and tricks such as marketing advice, flash tactics, posing/gesturing and even knowing to say no to things that will not help our growth. I couldn’t possibly thank Justin & Mary Marantz enough for putting together this event with all of these amazing speakers!! Their willingness to share and enlighten others is so inspiring.” -Cassidy Mr.

“Seriously my heart, soul, mind.. Everything is so full after #justinandmarytheevent today!! All of the speakers were so empowering, encouraging and most of all real and genuine! I am so excited for 2016!!!” -Brittany York

**Are you ready to grab your copy of The Event and get set on fire for 2016 like all of these guys? Then click HERE to grab your copy! If not, keep going to check out this AMAZING sneak peek video that We Are the Mitchells put together of this incredible day:


***So there you have it! You can grab your copy today, start watching right away & join the HUNDREDS of photographers who have already started their 2016 fired up, inspired, and ready to hit the ground running! Just click HERE to bring “The Event” home with you & be sure to use the code “MARY” to save $70 on your copy!!



  1. Cassidy Mister

    Yay!! I love seeing other attendees comments amongst mine. I am glad to see this as a video! I’ve had a lot of friends ask about when the next one will be or if there will be a video recap. Will definitely be pointing them in your direction :-)

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